Pump UP With Club Industry


This month's Pump Up With Club Industry comes courtesy of Roger Harvey, the VP/COO of Crunch Fitness International. Harvey shares his fitness goals, his workout program and some tips to help you stick with your own routines.

* Maintain weight at or below 180 lbs. (I'm currently 178 lbs.; I peaked at 217 lbs in 1998)

* Run a marathon in 3:30:00 or faster by the end of 2001

* Run a 5K in 18:59 or faster by the end of 2001

* Run 35 to 40 miles per week. Includes at least one long run (10-plus miles) and one speed workout (three-plus miles of sprints).

* Lift weights two to four times per week. Include all major muscle groups, and alter the exercises done for each group every week or two.

* Abdominal workouts, including at least 100 reps, four-five times per week.

* "Fun" workouts when time allows (e.g., basketball, swimming, various exercise classes, anything that may provide a break from the normal routine).

* Every workout-except the "fun" ones-is done using a heart-rate monitor. Your ROI ("return on investment") of your exercise time should be maximized, in the same way that you expect capital expenditures at a club to be maximized. Heart-rate training will allow you to get the most out of the time that you do have to exercise.

* A sworn commitment to yourself to work out every day that you travel. Accept no excuses.

* Include a loved one in your workout. For example, my runs include one or both of my daughters in a baby-jogger whenever possible.

* Always make notes during and after your workout. Your mind can become very clear when exercising-take advantage of the time to think through problems and issues, and write down your conclusions while they are fresh in your mind.

* Never plan to take a day off. They'll happen on their own, when unexpected things arise.

* Eliminate caffeine from your diet. It can take some time, but the benefits are outstanding. Your heart rate is easier to manage, and you'll find yourself with fewer peaks and valleys in energy throughout the day.

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