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Victor Brick owns the Brick Bodies chain of clubs with his wife Lynne. "Everyone knows that Lynne works out," Victor said. "She was the 1990 IDEA Presenter of the Year and the 1994 BodyLife Germany Presenter of the Year. She has starred in more than a dozen exercise videos and appears in exercise infomercials and on QVC. What most people don't know is that I am an avid exerciser."

Victor describes himself as a sports fanatic. He particularly enjoys basketball, as do his children, Jon (13) and Vicki (18).

Victor coaches his son's basketball team and helps train the University of Maryland women's basketball team because Vicki is a scholarship freshman player there. Victor trains his kids on a daily basis and actually does the workouts with them. His weekly regimen goes like this.

Monday: Track Workout A - Jog two laps. Second lap includes slides, arm circles, etc. Warm-up includes squat jumps, straddle jumps, hops with arm circles, ballistic stretches, forward flexion, trunk twists, bounds and short sprints. Five standing long jumps off both legs, five standing long jumps off the right leg, five standing long jumps off the left leg. Five 100 yard sprints, 90 percent all-out for the first 60 yards and only 60 percent effort the last 40 yards. Jog back between each sprint. One lap cooldown and five minutes of static stretching.

Tuesday: Weight Training - five-minute warm-up on treadmill. Ten minutes of various medicine ball passing and catching drills. Two sets of bench presses, 12 reps each set. Three sets of jump over-head presses, 12 reps each set (explosive movements). Three sets of jump power cleans, 12 reps each set (explosive movements). Various types of squat jumps with barbell on shoulders. One set of arm curls, one set of triceps extensions, two sets of power leg presses on machine (explosive leg-pressing motion). Ab work. Five-minute stretch cooldown.

Thursday: Track Workout B - Warm-up same as Track Workout A. Five sets of straddle jumps/15 yard sprints (to work on start acceleration). Ten down jumps from 5-foot bleacher (down jump, spring up as high as you can, and then sprint 30 yards). Six switch-of-speed sprints. 15 yards fast, 10 yards coast, five times for a total of 125 yards. Walk back. Jog lap. Five-minute cooldown stretch.

Friday: Weight Workout - Same as Tuesday but vary arm curl exercises.

"This program has allowed me to get some of my speed, power and quickness back," Brick claimed. "As a 46-year-old, I am playing basketball again several times a week, and I am jumping better, running faster and moving quicker. Surprisingly, because I am training for speed, power and quickness, my knees don't hurt as much as they used to now when I play."

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