Affliated Acceptance Corp.'s new Personal Training Management Software enables users to track the number of sessions available and “no shows,” view a member's personal training session information immediately upon check-in and receive notification of sessions used. Users can assign members to specific trainers, view and print a detailed training history for each member, and set trainer session rates and sales commission percentages. Also, users can track their club's personal training sessions by member, trainer or payroll. The built-in personal training reports can review trainer logs or member logs, and generate customized sales renewal call lists. Contact: Affiliated Acceptance Corp., P.O. Box 790001, Sunrise Beach, MO 65079; phone: 800-233-8483;


Versa Gripps Professional gloves are made of custom engineered material. The grip portion has been lengthened allowing more of the grip to be wrapped around the bar for optimum performance. Contact: Power Gripps USA, Inc., 41 Pomola Ave., Sorrento, ME 04677; phone: 207-422-2051;


Tune Belt has introduced a line of “open view” style armband carriers for Apple's iPods, iPod mini and iPod shuffle. The design fits the iPods right side up or upside down so that the LCD screen reads right side up when viewed on the arm. Other design features include a clear protective window for the Click Wheel and openings to access the hold button and to insert the headphone jack. The armbands are adjustable up to 20 inches. Contact: Tune Belt Inc., 11400 Grooms Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242; phone: 513-247-4400; fax: 513-247-4410; e-mail: [email protected];


Power Systems' Mini VersaBars add moderate weight and challenge to enhance group exercise, sports performance, balance, personal training and rehabilitation. The two-, three- and four-lb. bars improve upper body strength and muscle control without building bulk. The solid steel bars range from 12 inches to 24 inches and are covered with a cushioned rubberized coating that protects them from rips and tears and makes bar handling more secure. The Mini VersaBars can also be used for Pilates and yoga workouts. Bar prices range from $9.95 to $12.95. Contact: Power Systems Inc., 2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37931; phone: 800-321-6975;


Norament® 925 grano FS is a rubber floor covering that uses a low-emission releaseable adhesive to facilitate installation, removal and reinstallation of the flooring. It is particularly suitable for installation on raised access floors, where individual tiles can be removed and installed again following modification work or cable-laying jobs. Areas with limited periods of use, such as show and promotion rooms, and offices where design flexibility is important to accommodate moves and reorganization of space, also lend themselves to the installation. Bonding with nora's 412 releaseable adhesive makes the repeated removal and installation of flooring tiles possible. The flooring is available in four standard colors that feature a non-directional confetti pattern. Each of these colors can be combined with other norament products to create a coordinated design throughout a facility. The hammered surface of the single-layer flooring provides wear resistance in heavy traffic areas and areas where rolling traffic is common. The flooring that is PVC-free also features slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines and footfall sound absorption for quiet comfort underfoot. Contact: Freudenberg Building Systems Inc., 94 Glenn St., Lawrence, MA 01843; phone: 978-689-0530; fax: 978-975-0110; e-mail: [email protected];

Fitness DVDs/Videos

SCW Fitness Education teamed up with Helen Vanderburg, the owner of Heavens Fitness Club and Fountain Park Health Club in Calgary, Canada, to create three new fitness DVDs/videos. “Pilates Infused Abs” presents a new routine that combines Pilates movement with traditional core strengthening exercises. “Ball Blast” combines sequences of ball exercises. “Step Synergy” presents a mindful approach to traditional step training through the creative use of music, voice, cueing, coaching techniques and movement. Contact: SCW Fitness Education, 1618 Orrington Ave., Suite 202, Evanston, IL 60201; phone: 877-729-3488;

Medicine Ball Tree

The four-sided Medicine Ball Tree stores up to 20 balls of all sizes in a small area. It is made of 14-gauge welded steel that measures 18-inches wide, 18-inches deep and 50-inches high. There are no bolts so that the rack will not wobble. Contact: Perform Better, P.O. Box 8090, Cranston, RI 02920-0090; phone: 800-556-7464; fax: 800-682-6950;


The Pilates IQ Reformer, a high-quality, affordable and collapsible piece of Pilates equipment, is designed exclusively for home use. It features a professional spring system allowing for dozens of resistance levels, adjustable foot bars, a built-in standing platform for standing exercises and a heavy-duty vinyl upholstery with deluxe padding. The IQ Reformer also offers a telescoping-aluminum frame that lengthens for use and shortens for storability, as well as transport wheels for easy storage. Extended, the IQ Reformer measures 105 inches by 24 inches and can shorten an additional 43 inches for space-saving storage. The IQ Reformer includes a free, 40-minute instructional video. The reformer retails for $1,495 and weighs 70 pounds. Contact: 8220 Ferguson Ave., Sacramento, CA 95828; phone: 1-800-745-2837; fax: 916-379-9277; email: [email protected];

Strength Equipment

Life Fitness expanded its Hammer Strength Olympic Heavy-Duty product line with the OHD Combo Rack. The new heavy-duty rack products boast durability, functionality and ease of use, enabling facilities to provide optimal team training for enhanced sports performance. The new OHD Combo Rack has training stations on each side so two athletes can train simultaneously. The unit also has two Dock ‘N Lock stations that allow users to secure optional adjustable benches in the proper position. The Hammer Strength Olympic Heavy-Duty series also now includes a 6-foot-by-8-foot Olympic lifting platform and four oak inserts. The platform can be used to define a specific area for completing a variety of Olympic lifts and training exercises, either as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a wood insert and rack. Contact: Life Fitness, 5100 River Rd., Schiller Park, IL 60176; phone: 847-288-3300;


The 2006 180-page general catalog from Lyon Workspace Products features “Safe, Secure Storage Solutions,” involving nine major product categories, including safety and ergonomic products, lockers, workspace furniture, storage cabinets, shelving, storage rack, modular drawer cabinets, tool storage and more. The catalog is headlined by a wide selection of all-welded, heavy-duty products to meet the market demand for increased safety, security, durability and convenience. New products include ergonomic task chairs for maintenance and service applications and a new line of heavy-duty storage racks. Contact: Lyon Workspace Products, P.O. Box 671, Aurora, IL 60507; phone: 800-323-0096; fax: 630-892-5747; e-mail: [email protected];

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