Elliptical Trainers

SPORTSMITH introduced a new StairGlider elliptical system that turns StairMaster 4000PT machines into elliptical trainers. The system uses the StairMaster 4000PT exercise programs and features low-impact performance with an 18-inch stride range of motion. The patent-pending design allows facilities to turn aging stair climbers into ellipticals for much less than purchasing a new machine. In spring 2005, the StairGlider system will be available for StairMaster 4400PT machines. Contact: StairGlider LLC, 5925 South 118th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146; phone: 888-716-4747; email: [email protected];
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Strength Equipment

FreeMotion Fitness introduced the Dual Cable Cross. The product expands on the original Cable Cross by including additional adjustments and a second weight stack. Each weight stack is independent of the other to allow for multiple users or to address strength imbalances in individual users. Designed for trainers, the product allows for multiple users at a time and offers more than 11,000 combinations of positions for many movement patterns. It has 92 inches of cable travel on each arm and has two separate 75 lb. weight stacks. Contact: FreeMotion Fitness, 1096 Elkton Dr. Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; phone: 877-363-8449; fax: 719-955-1104;
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Resistance Gear

NYK Co. introduced Power Shorts, a new biker-style type of shorts that come with small pockets on each leg to hold weights for increased resistance. The shorts are based on European hockey shorts that players used to train in during the 1950s and 1960s to strengthen their legs. The shorts come with four power bars for resistance, are for both men and women, and come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Contact: NYK Co., 990 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 23s, New York City, NY 10018; phone: 212-629-3236; fax: 212-268-9141
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Flooring Systems

Aeson Flooring Systems now offers Aeson's Elite Tile, an interlocking floor system for health and fitness facilities. The flooring can be laid over any hard surface and relatively even sub-floors. No special tools are needed for installation — tiles are loose laid on the floor and the interlocking molded keys are locked into place. Tile is available with molded ramped edge on one or two sides for use around the perimeter of an installation or as a self-contained mat area and comes with a raised studded or flat-textured surface. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal and comes in nine standard colors. Contact: Aeson Flooring Systems, 2000 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, PA 19130; phone: 800-523-0960; fax: 215-564-4206; email: [email protected];
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Indoor Air Filters

Blueair introduced a new dust and pollen filter designed to remove dust particles, pollen spores and other allergens. The filter, for use in the Blueair Series 501 and above Swedish-designed high performance air purification systems, has a higher cleaning rate due to its low resistance, is not carbon based and removes up to 99.9 percent of most dust and pollen particles. The filter also removes cat and dog dander, fungi and mold spores, soot and smoke particulate. Filters normally last six months and have a room capacity of 620 square feet to 670 square feet. Contact: Blueair Inc., 435 LaSalle St. Suite 410, Chicago, IL 60610; phone: 1-888-258-3247; fax: 312-245-5272;
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Foot Scrub

Artemis Woman introduced Topaz Foot Butter, a foot scrub that combines the essential oils bergamot, tea and lemon with finely ground yellow topaz gemstones and shea butter to help sore, cracked and dry feet. Artemis Woman donates two percent of its profits to funding alternative treatment methods to find a cure for breast cancer. Contact: Artemis Woman LLC, P.O. Box 1242, Weston, CT 06883; phone: 866-757-7776; fax: 203-227-7346; email: [email protected];
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STOTT PILATES, a division of Merrithew Corp., released all-in-one workout packs that combine instructional videos and light equipment. Packs include the Pilates Express Mat pack, Fitness Circle Lite Resistance Ring pack, stability ball pack and the Flex-Band pack. The packs, which are designed for home exercisers, are available at major retailers and on their Web site. Contact: STOTT PILATES, 2200 Yonge St., Suite 1402, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2C6, Canada; phone: 1-800-910-0001; fax: 416-482-2742; email: [email protected];
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Fitness Programming

Desert Southwest Fitness announced a new course for continuing education, Ramping. Fitness innovator Gin Miller will present the new aerobic activity that is performed on an incline surface and uses a backward dominated motion. Miller will help users set up their Ramp, design a class and teach them moves on the Ramp including warm-ups, cardio, strength and stretching. Contact: DSWFitness, 602 E. Roger Rd., Tucson, AZ 85705; phone: 1-800-873-6759; email: [email protected];
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