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Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services offers the following programs:

  • Liability and Property Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bonding
  • Professional Liability for Personal Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
  • Eligible facilities include health and fitness clubs, gyms, racquet and tennis clubs, aerobics studios, personal training businesses, and health club/wellness and rehabilitation centers.

    We Are Your Solution

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services can answer any questions you may have regarding its programs or your existing policy coverage. The company concentrates solely on the health and fitness industry, thereby offering you the best in quality, knowledge and unmatched customer service.

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services
    2258 Garden Ave.
    Warrington, PA 18976
    Phone: 800-664-5489
    Fax: 215-491-3858


    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services is a full-service agency specializing in the insurance needs of the health club industry. Andrea Pugliese has been providing club owners with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates since 1984.


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Premises Medical Payments
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Tanning Bed Liability (No Cancer Exclusion)
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • No Deductible
  • Not Based on Receipts — No Audits
  • Special-Form Property Coverage
  • Replacement Cost
  • Competitive Rates
  • Financing Available/Low Rates
  • Personal Service
  • Experience
  • Maximize Your Time and Your Profits With the SmartLinkTM System From ASF International

    What can ASF do for you?

    At ASF we offer efficient, cost-effective programs that will help your business get ahead in today's marketplace. The ASF SmartLink System is a network of support products and services designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your club through effective processing services, technology solutions and marketing programs.

    Financial & Business Programs

    Successful dues collection and member management are key elements that can define a club's immediate and long-term success. As an ASF client you'll have access to the most comprehensive dues, member and contract management programs in the industry.

    ASF's processing and billing programs are designed to collect the highest amount possible per member while reducing overall credit losses — resulting in higher net revenue for you.

    Software & Internet Programs

    Technological organization and connectivity are essential in today's marketplace. Our programs include ClubPRO 3000® interactive club management software, ClubPRO 3000® online business management, interactive marketing programs, networking features and exceptional technical support.

    Marketing & Design Programs

    Marketing, branding and advertising are all elements that drive prospects in your door and help you gain market share. We have designed numerous static and interactive programs that will help you increase your prospect base by organizing your marketing strategies. Our custom design department is also available for specialized promotions, logo creation, implementation of complete marketing campaigns and more.

    Partner & Subsidiary Programs

    In an effort to offer additional value-added programs to our clients, we have developed several strategic alliances with other firms that offer exceptional products and services to the industry.

    Service & Support Programs

    We build relationships with our clients based on the principle that customer satisfaction is job one. Exceptional client, member and technical support back the SmartLink system and it is our goal to ensure that all of our programs and support systems meet or exceed your expectations.

    ASF International
    640 Plaza Drive, Suite 300
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
    Phone: 800-227-3859
    Fax: 303-914-2744
    [email protected]


    The value of experience is an integral part of our product development. ASF is managed and operated by industry veterans, experts and former club operators. For 30 years, ASF has provided financial and technological programs to clubs in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Our experience and knowledge of the industry paired with constant communication with current club owners keeps us in sync with the pulse of the fitness business.


  • Web sites
  • Membership Cards
  • System Networking
  • Insurance
  • Professional Trainer Certification
  • Training For LifeTM Certification
  • Contract Renewal Program
  • Custom Advertising & Marketing Materials
  • The Fitness Industry's Entertainment Company

    ClubCom is the world leader in Exercise Entertainment providing state-of-the-art entertainment systems and customized programming content for the fitness industry.

    Wireless Entertainment Systems

    Cardio Theater has been the dominant leader in wireless entertainment systems since it pioneered the category of Exercise Entertainment in 1989. Selling more than twice the systems of all other companies combined worldwide, the brand name Cardio Theater is synonymous with wireless personal entertainment. ClubCom's acquisition of Enercise secured a wide array of additional wireless technologies resulting in Cardio Theater's new “x-TV” wireless receiver series. This product line will again raise industry standards with a litany of proprietary features including revolutionary sound performance technologies and patented headphone applications.

    Personal Viewing Screens

    E-Zone started the entire personal viewing screen revolution in 1996. Leveraging a market penetration of more than 15,000 screen installations and a broad array of patented technologies, E-Zone has taken personal viewing to a whole new level with its crystal clear “T” Series screens and fully interactive “i” Series screens. The “I” Series provides patented video-on-demand capacities that permit users to fully customize their entertainment programming for an unprecedented entertainment experience.

    Private Media Networks

    ClubCom's media networks are changing the landscape of health club entertainment. ClubCom empowers health clubs with their own private TV network featuring the world's largest digital music video library and proprietary microcast network technologies. For ambient programming, club operators select from more than 50 different music video and audio entertainment channels for multiple “zones” throughout the club while integrating customized internal TV marketing campaigns (produced by ClubCom) that drive profit centers and referral programs. Clubs earn advertising revenues from the fitness industry's only Nielsen's-rated media network. For personal entertainment programming, ClubCom provides nearly endless personal entertainment options for individuals using Cardio Theater and E-Zone personal entertainment systems. A remarkable 82 percent of ClubCom's viewers claim, “ClubCom is a good thing for clubs to offer members,” according to a recent study by Nielsen Media Services.

    Six Penn Center West
    Suite 200
    Pittsburgh, PA 15276
    Phone: 888-588-7717; or 412-787-2221
    Fax: 412-787-2999


    ClubCom is the fitness industry's largest and only comprehensive entertainment company. ClubCom is the parent company of Cardio Theater, Enercise and E-Zone. ClubCom offers a seamless integration of “best of breed” products and services including wireless entertainment systems, personal viewing systems and customized entertainment programming featuring the industry's only Nielsen's-rated private media network.

    ClubRunner Club Management Software Was Designed By Health Club Professionals To Help You Manage Your Facility More Efficiently.

    ClubRunner is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Building a lasting relationship with its customers is how it succeeds. ClubRunner delivers a stress-free, easy-to-learn total management system. The result is intuitive and comprehensive software is designed to help you conduct your business profitably.

    ClubRunner installs quickly. Through the use of on-line help and pop-up menus, system commands are learned in minutes after installation. In addition, ClubRunner offers users the widest variety of training and support in the industry to help you get the most out of your system. From the company's understanding of how a health club facility needs to run, it has developed a stress-free club management system that really works for you.


    ClubRunner's Modular System embodies all of the management features you need to run your club efficiently. Modules include: Members, Guests, Utilities, Daily Backup, Inventory, Front Desk and Reports.

  • EFT instantly generates billing files from ClubRunner. Charge-backs are automatically updated in the system via modem.
  • Networking capabilities allow you to use ClubRunner as a single, stand-alone system or to support an extensive network.
  • System security is assured by allowing you to assign single passwords for various levels of access.
  • Entry & membership security is available with powerful add-on hardware such as photo imaging, bar coding, hand-scanning devices and key tags.
  • Report generation is made effortless with a powerful, built-in report generator with pre-scanned and user-definable reports.
  • Data Transfer allows multiple club facilities to be linked together and updates each facility automatically.
  • ClubRunner
    1080 E. Indiantown Rd., Suite 202
    Jupiter, FL 33477
    Phone: 800-554-2582 or 561-746-3392
    Fax: 561-746-5822


    ClubRunner club management system software is more than just an industry-specific system. ClubRunner was designed by health club management professionals to specifically address the unique needs of health club operators.

    Since 1985, ClubRunner has made an ongoing commitment to product development and customer support, assuring you that the product you purchase today will not be outdated tomorrow.

    Iron Grip Leads the Way In Customized Equipment

    With a state-of-the-art engraving facility and years of experience, Iron Grip remains the leader in providing unique custom equipment to the top gyms and health clubs.

    Custom Free Weight Equipment by Iron Grip offers facility owners and managers a unique branding opportunity plus a chance to boost club pride. Iron Grip's customization option for Urethane Olympic Plates, dumbbells and barbells is currently the only decoration option for free weights that offers a high degree of accurate reproduction and durability. Through an advanced engraving process, customer logos and text can be precisely duplicated on the outer surface of the plate or dumbbell resulting in brilliantly colored, highly detailed images that will never fade, diminish or come loose. The engraved logo is filled with a specialized liquid Urethane and heated to bond permanently to the engraved surface, while matching color for color and even replicating complex logos. Customization is available on Iron Grip Urethane Olympic plates (45, 35 and 25 pound sizes), Urethane dumbbells and Urethane fixed barbells.

    Recently, 24 Hour Fitness decided to customize its free weight equipment as part of an overall approach to promote brand awareness in the one place they have the customers' undivided attention — inside their clubs.

    “Having the dumbbells customized with our logo is a simple detail, but it shows that we put a lot of effort into outfitting our clubs with equipment we trust, and that our members can trust,” said Mike Feeney, vice president of facilities and purchasing for 24 Hour Fitness. “The response from prospective (and existing) members has been enthusiastic. Most of them have never seen anything like it, so they get a kick out of it. It's definitely a memorable part of the tour.”

    Brian Evans, president and CEO of American Family Fitness, proudly hailed his latest location as a “prototype” for future clubs. “The Iron Grip equipment customized with our logo is a great way to show the amount of pride we have in our clubs,” said Evans.

    In June, RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club in Orlando, FL, upgraded to Iron Grip customized dumbbells.

    “This is a high-end facility that is very aware of appearance,” said Matt Carlen, athletic director for RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club. He added that when the old equipment began falling apart, they turned to Iron Grip because of its reputation for sturdy construction and customization capabilities. “When our old dumbbells started flaking metal and stickers were falling onto the floor, it did not coincide with our image. The Iron Grip dumbbells are more durable and make a professional presentation in our free weight area. We are very happy with this purchase.”

    To view Iron Grip's custom equipment portfolio online, please visit For more information, please call 800-664-4766 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

    Iron Grip Barbell Company
    4012 West Garry Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92704
    Phone: 800-664-4766 or 714-850-6900
    Fax: 714-850-6910

    [email protected]


    Since 1993, Iron Grip has been recognized as one of the premier innovators in the commercial fitness industry. Among its revolutionary developments is its signature Iron Grip Olympic weight plates, and its line of urethane plates and dumbbells. As the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide, Iron Grip has maintained its commitment to developing groundbreaking designs, building reliable equipment, and providing excellent customer service.


  • Iron & Urethane Olympic Plates
  • Solid Steel & Urethane Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Olympic Bars
  • Iron & Rubber Pro-Style Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Beauty Bells & Accessories
  • Group Strength by Iron Grip
  • Fully Functional Urethane Grip Plates

    Ivanko quality, the Ivanko name, “fully-functional”, multi-slot, matte finish (non-shiny) urethane grip plates.

    In recent years, a few manufacturers have introduced urethane plates and touted them as a new innovation. In reality, the authentic pioneer in urethane-coated Olympic bumper plates was Superior Barbell in 1985, under the ownership of Greg Greer. The second legitimate competitor to make urethane-coated Olympic bumper plates was Bigger Faster Stronger in 1991.

    Ivanko's new Urethane E-Z Lift® plates respond to customer requests for certain features missing in conventional urethane plates on the market. Ivanko's Urethane plates are round, not flat-edged, because round plates are required for floor lifting exercises such as repetition power cleans and dead lifts. These plates also feature seven grip slots entirely around the plate, for easier, safer lifting from any position The exterior is a matte finish, in contrast to the shiny plastic look and slippery feel of conventional urethane plates. Durability is accomplished through high-impact urethane in combination with proprietary chem-fused bonding, which marries the urethane to the iron plate in a way that is stronger than the urethane itself. Custom logo engraving is available.

    During the exploratory phase, Ivanko gained an appreciation for how Thomas Edison must have felt experimenting with hundreds of materials for the light bulb filament until he settled upon tungsten. So it was with urethane. The breakthrough came with the help of Amerityre, who is working with Goodyear to develop the first urethane automobile tire. Suddenly, Ivanko was privy to state-of-the-art urethane chemistry and molding technology. The result is Ivanko's use of high-impact urethane in combination with proprietary chem-fused bonding that marries the urethane to the iron plate in a way that is stronger than the urethane itself.

    Ivanko prides itself in serving the marketplace better by constantly redesigning, refining, and perfecting each product in its line. These new Urethane E-Z Lift plates are no exception.

    Ivanko Barbell Company
    P.O. Box 1470
    San Pedro, CA 90733
    Phone: 310-514-1155
    Fax: 310-514-1363

    [email protected]


    Ivanko was founded in 1967 by Tom Lincir, president and CEO. As the leading provider of barbell and dumbbell products worldwide, Ivanko introduces an average of 50 to 70 new products and design upgrades annually. The goal is to keep weight rooms looking and feeling constantly new, constantly updated, which attracts and keeps members excited and engaged.

    Life Fitness Introduces Signature Series

    Premier line features advanced industrial design.

    The recently introduced Signature Series selectorized strength line is the premium Life Fitness branded selectorized line and is a direct result of the company's integrated strength philosophy to offer equipment to meet all users' needs.

    It is approachable and easy to use, so it will appeal to beginning exercisers, yet it also is manufactured with superior ergonomics and durability — a hallmark of Life Fitness' cardiovascular and strength-training products — so it will meet the demands of advanced exercisers.

    Each unit in the series has custom tubing shapes, contoured cushions and a lower profile, which combine to create a clean, contemporary look that is engaging to exercisers. The integrated incremental weight system allows users to increase the weight in 5-pound increments. Gas-assisted seat and pad adjustments are physically easier to use, and clearly marked adjustment handles simplify the set-up process. All pieces in the Signature line have instructional placards with simple visuals indicating proper form and muscle groups targeted, resulting in a shorter learning curve. Full rear shrouds cover the weight stacks and add to the distinctive look (full front shrouds are optional). Facilities may select from seven standard frame and 10 standard upholstery color options.

    The units are engineered with superior biomechanics to ensure movements are comfortable and natural to the exerciser, eliminating unwanted pressure to the joints.

    The initial 10 Signature units — Abdominal Crunch, Biceps Curl, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Seated Leg Curl, Seated Leg Press, Seated Row, Shoulder Press and Triceps Press — will be available in the third quarter of 2003, with an additional eight pieces to be unveiled throughout the year.

    Life Fitness
    10601 W. Belmont Ave.
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    Phone: 800-634-8637
    Fax: 847-288-3703

    [email protected]


    Life Fitness, a Brunswick company (NYSE: BC), is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Its cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike, are used in health, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as in homes, worldwide.

    Life Fitness Unveils Three New Treadmills

    Units boast contemporary design and enhanced programming.

    Life Fitness' new 97Ti, 95Ti and 93T treadmills have a new and exciting contemporary industrial design and color scheme along with enhanced software programming while maintaining the durability, quality and reliability that has established Life Fitness as the leading manufacturer of high-quality treadmills.

    The units combine a mix of metallic silver and gray tones with rounded uprights, handrails and frame edges to give the treadmills a contemporary look. The console comes standard with two integrated accessory trays and a CD/MP3 player holder that is strategically placed in the center to minimize users' arm swings interfering with headphone wires. Additionally, the console overlay has updated graphics including an intuitive heart rate zone training chart.

    For even more exercise variety, the treadmills' software programming has been enhanced. Dedicated console buttons let users easily access the new features, such as the Speed Interval program, which allows exercisers to set two speeds and toggle between them (similar to the “previous channel” button on a television remote) for effective interval training. In addition, a dedicated button called Zone Training + provides easy access to three more interactive heart rate programs — Extreme Heart Rate, Heart Rate Hill and Heart Rate Interval.

    Finally, each treadmill gives facility owners and managers the ability to create custom messages of up to 52 characters and display them on the console message center.

    All three models come with Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring while the 97Ti and 95Ti also include digital heart rate monitoring technology with Lifepulse heart rate sensors conveniently located on the Ergo grip handlebars. To accommodate all fitness levels, the treadmills have various speed and elevation ranges and a variety of workout programs. The treadmills also have a 4.0 HP AC motor, the patented FlexDeck shock absorption system and the Everwax automatic wax lubrication system.

    Life Fitness10601 W. Belmont Ave.
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    Phone: 800-634-8637
    Fax: 847-288-3703

    [email protected]


    Life Fitness, a Brunswick company (NYSE: BC), is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Its cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike, are used in health, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as in homes, worldwide.

    Biangular: The Stimulation and Strengthening of Muscles Without Joint Stress

    When the human body exerts force through multiple planes, contrasting torque patterns are inherent. Magnum has created the least obstructive and safest pathway to generate torque from point “A” to point “B,” whether starting or finishing at the median plane, while passing through the sagittal and frontal planes. Less-sophisticated designs force wrist, elbow and shoulder joints into unnatural circular paths, away from the body's core.

    The Biangular mechanism guides the human body through motion that comes naturally, rather than forcing the user to define his or her own path of motion. Magnum accomplishes this with multiple, ergonomically designed handles and Biangular technology based on the origins and insertions of muscles. Anyone can tap the potential of this advanced technology. There is no learning curve. With nothing more than a seat adjustment (in most cases) Magnum Biangular will deliver perfect form for every repetition for any user.

    Magnum Fitness Systems 2201 12th Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172
    Phone: 800-372-0554 or 414-764-4068
    Fax: 414-768-7047

    [email protected]


  • Talk less and listen more.
  • Counsel wisely and with objectivity.
  • Partner in our client's growth.
  • Be a proactive problem solver.
  • A trusted business resource.
  • Raise the bar each day.
  • Push the limits of the possible.
  • Create a culture of success.
  • Serve unselfishly.
  • Strengthen our industry.
  • Invest in our relationships.

    Breaker Benches

    Magnum revolutionizes Olympic benches.

    Every facility is looking for new products that will motivate members, improve their workouts and make training safe.

    Free weight training has been on the rise for the past few years. Most manufacturers now offer complete lines of sophisticated plate-load machines to help members make the transition from the circuit area to the free weight area. But little or nothing has been done to the main staple of every free weight area — Olympic benches. Magnum's patent pending Breaker Benches are about to change the free weight area — forever.

    In the mid-1980s, most manufacturers started to angle the uprights or racks on Olympic units back away from the lifter rather than making them at a 90-degree angle to the floor. This design took the uprights out of the users' lifting path, making lifts safer by eliminating the chance of the lifter hitting them during their exercise. Unfortunately, this design puts undue stress on the lifters' shoulders (a common injury area) when breaking the bar from the bench. The only safe way to prevent this stress is to have a spotter help break the bar for the lifter.

    Magnum Breaker benches eliminate the need for a spotter to help break the bar. They also eliminate any undue stress to the lifters' shoulders, allowing them to break the bar effortlessly. Breaker Benches are truly the greatest advancement ever made in Olympic benches.

    Novice lifters to heavy trainers will appreciate the ease and safety of Breaker benches. Facility owners and managers will love the simplicity of Magnum Breaker benches.

    Breaker benches look like any other Olympic bench with uprights angled back. The difference is they are hinged on pillow block bearings. Lifters get into a normal lifting position, reach up and grip the bar. At this point, lifters can break the bar as they always have or they can have the Breaker bench assist them by slowly pulling the bar forward rather than lifting it off the uprights. The bar will move into their position of power, eliminating the external rotation of their shoulders. Now they can lift the bar straight up. The uprights fall back into their normal position, out of the lifters' path. After completing their exercise set, the bar is re-racked as usual.

    Magnum Fitness Systrms 2201 12th Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172
    Phone: 800-372-0554 or 414-764-4068
    Fax: 414- 768-7047

    [email protected]


  • Talk less and listen more.
  • Counsel wisely and with objectivity.
  • Partner in our client's growth.
  • Be a proactive problem solver.
  • A trusted business resource.
  • Raise the bar each day.
  • Push the limits of the possible.
  • Create a culture of success.
  • Serve unselfishly.
  • Strengthen our industry.
  • Invest in our relationships.

    Intelligent Exercise. Profound Results.®

    STOTT PILATES is the only fully integrated organization of its kind, offering a full line of commercial-quality equipment, more than 50 videos, instructional manuals, a specialty studio, an accredited educational institution, and a network of licensed certification centers. STOTT PILATES Education empowers instructors to design pilates exercise programs that motivate, challenge and retain a range of clients, from elite athletes to rehab patients.

    STOTT PILATES' Rack & Roll Reformer delivers top performance in a space-saving design. The Rack & Roll Reformer provides all the versatility, precision and craftsmanship of the company's best-selling “Professional” model in a streamlined, space-saving, stackable design. Now clubs, clinics and studios with limited floor space can offer private or small-group Reformer-based programming without compromising on equipment quality or dedicating a permanent area to equipment. STOTT PILATES's latest Reformers can be rolled in for a session and then quickly and easily racked up and out-of-the-way.

    Motivate, challenge and inspire yourself with new videos. There is a STOTT PILATES video for every piece of equipment and skill level. The newest collection includes a variety of pilates and yoga titles to suit exercisers of all ages and abilities.

    The new video lineup includes: a Stability Ball Series, to help engage the deep abdominal muscles and enhance core stability; an Armchair Pilates Series, consisting of exercises done from the comfort of a chair, and designed specifically for those who are less physically mobile; and the BOSU®* Balance Trainer Series, using the BOSU Balance Trainer to facilitate a wide spectrum of dynamic exercises that require you to maintain your center of gravity in all planes of movement. Each series consists of progressively more challenging workouts to help keep you motivated.

    To see the entire library of STOTT PILATES videos and equipment or to place an order please call 1-800-910-0001 or visit

    ™/®Trademark or Registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license. STOTT Pilates photography © Merrithew Corporation.

    * Trademark and registered trademark of D.W. Fitness, LLC, used under license.

    STOTT PILATES/Merrithew Corporation
    2200 Yonge Street, #1402
    Toronto, Ontario M4S 2C6
    Phone: 416-482-4050 or 800-910-0001
    Fax: 416-482-2742
    [email protected]


    Since founding STOTT PILATES, a subsidiary of Merrithew Corporation, more than 15 years ago, we have been committed to developing high integrity programs, products and services that allow individuals and businesses to fulfill their potential. This philosophy imbues all STOTT PILATES Education and STOTT PILATES Equipment products and services.

    The STOTT PILATES curriculum and equipment line are continually evaluated and updated to ensure they comply with modern exercise science and meet the needs of today's fitness professionals, facility operators and clients.

    When we began developing our company, it was important that our products and services optimize the performance of a full repertoire of pilates mind-body exercises. The result: equipment and education programs that are innovative, versatile and effective.

    Add Some Water To Your Health Club and Watch It Grow

    If your health club isn't making money off of water, you're missing out on tapping a great source for additional income. SwimEx, the innovative leader in aquatic training equipment, can help you get on board by offering of a variety of ways to create a whole new revenue stream for your health club. If you already have a pool at your facility, you'll find SwimEx's revolutionary SPT Aquatic Treadmill to be a liquid asset that will allow you to feature “pay as you go” group programs and classes. However, if you don't have a pool and want to put every square inch of your club to good use, SwimEx also manufactures the most technologically-advanced conditioning and therapeutic pools that offer both economy of size and price — making our models a perfect fit for any size health club.

    For more information, call SwimEx at 800-877-7946 or visit

    373 Market St., Warren RI 02885
    Phone: 800-877-7946
    Fax: 401-245-3160


    SwimEx company founder Stan Charren had a chronically bad back. Like many people who suffer from chronic pain, Stan was amazed by his improvement after beginning a swimming routine. However, he found his local pool inconvenient. Building an indoor lap pool would have been too expensive, and the “swim spas” then on the market were of poor quality, consisting essentially of spas with their jets redirected to create turbulence. This experience inspired him to collaborate with two MIT engineer friends on a true “water treadmill.”

    By 1987, the team had developed and patented their swimming treadmill invention and founded SwimEx. Like the current SwimEx, the initial product used no jets, just a large paddle wheel that draws water off the surface area and propels it back through tunnels inside the pool. Swimming in place against the steady flow created by the paddle wheel is as natural as doing laps in a pool.

    SwimEx's founders later sold the company to TPI Composites, and in November 2002, TPI sold the company to a group of three investors with longstanding ties to the company: Everett Pearson, TPI Composites' founder; Edward Marchetti, father-in-law of 1987-89 SwimEx president Suzanne Marchetti; and current president Steve DaSilva.

    The purchase was based on the investors' shared belief that SwimEx has an excellent suite of products backed by top-notch engineering, with tremendous untapped potential to reach a larger market of home swimmers, health professionals and athletic trainers.

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