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Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services offers the following programs:

  • Liability and Property Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bonding
  • Professional Liability for Personal Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
  • Eligible facilities include health and fitness clubs, gyms, racquet and tennis clubs, aerobics studios, personal training businesses, and health club/wellness and rehabilitation centers.

    We Are Your Solution

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services can answer any questions you may have regarding its programs or your existing policy coverage. The company concentrates solely on the health and fitness industry, thereby offering you the best in quality, knowledge and unmatched customer service.

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services
    2258 Garden Ave.
    Warrington, PA 18976
    (800) 664-5489
    Fax: (215) 491-3858


    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services is a full-service agency specializing in the insurance needs of the health club industry. Andrea Pugliese has been providing club owners with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates since 1984.


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Premises Medical Payments
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Tanning Bed Liability (No Cancer Exclusion)
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • No Deductible
  • Not Based on Receipts - No Audits
  • Special-Form Property Coverage
  • Replacement Cost
  • Competitive Rates
  • Financing Available/Low Rates
  • Personal Service
  • Experience
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    ASF International
    640 Plaza Drive, Suite 300
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
    Fax: (303)-980-8006

    [email protected]


    Since 1973, ASF International has strived to maintain a standard of exceptional customer service while producing products that reflect the current and future trends of the fitness industry.

    Contact us today for more information and a free analysis of your business needs.


  • Custom Advertising & Marketing Materials
  • Online Client Business & Member Management Center
  • Online Member Payment Center
  • Auto Renewal Program
  • Prospect Tracking Software
  • Club Liability Insurance
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    ASF International

    The only true interactive solution to your payment processing, marketing and software needs.

    Billing and Payment Processing

    More that just payment processing, ASF International provides the service and follow-up necessary to keep your members current and on their original method of payment. While being polite but firm, our customer service staff can collect more payments from more of your members, ultimately increasing your revenue.

    From payment coupons and statements to EFT and credit card drafts, we offer a complete line of payment processing options. Our collection method has strengthened our partnership with our clients as we work to increase revenues by developing a relationship with their members.

    ClubPRO 3000TM Interactive Sales, Marketing and Management Software

    As the first company to truly integrate payment processing with club management software, you can be sure you have the information and technology you need to help run your business. Unlike any other software in the industry, the ClubPRO 3000 software takes advantage of the immediacy of the Internet, without being Internet dependent. Our training and technical staff will personally guide you through the initial learning stages, ongoing training, and software upgrades. Owners and managers can log on to our secure Online Business Center, allowing them to administer member account information, enter contracts, view and download reports, work on their budget, implement marketing programs and more.

    Marketing and Retention Programs

    The ASF International Marketing and retention programs are designed to drive new business into your facility as well as retain memberships by decreasing cancellations. These programs work in conjunction with our ClubPRO 3000 software and Online Business Center. Our ability to accurately track these programs from start to finish allows you to measure their effectiveness. Custom design work is also available.

    Innovation In Pilates Since 1976

    For 26 years, Balanced Body Pilates equipment has been the No. 1 choice of Pilates professionals and fitness clubs worldwide. Quality, performance and value are just a few reasons why our customers return to us again and again. We build our equipment — and our customer relationships — to last.

    Our line of Pilates equipment includes the stackable Allegro Reformer as well as a complete selection of traditional hardwood studio equipment. Studio equipment is available in finely crafted rock maple, walnut, mahogany and cherry, with your choice of 88 upholstery colors. We offer many special features and options to help you get the equipment that fits your needs exactly. Studio equipment carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    The Pilates Club Program is a comprehensive package of equipment, education, support and program consultation. The centerpiece of the program is the Allegro Reformer, the only Pilates equipment that folds flat and stacks for storage. Programming includes group classes, personal and semi-private training, sport-specific conditioning, special populations and post-rehabilitation. A proven profit center. Please call for a custom return on investment calculation and a free catalog. See our complete line of equipment, accessories and videos online at

    Balanced Body
    Pilates Equipment
    8220 Ferguson Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95828
    (800) 745-2837, (916) 388-2838
    Fax: (916) 379-9277
    [email protected]


    Balanced Body is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Pilates equipment. We were the first company to substantially update Joseph Pilates' original equipment with modern technology and safety features. Many of the “standard” features found on today's Pilates equipment were originally created by Balanced Body. We invented the Allegro, the first and only professional Pilates equipment that stacks. We also created the extraordinarily successful Allegro program for personal training and group fitness, now found in major clubs in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and fitness. Balanced Body is a partner and a resource, providing consultation on programming, education, facility layout, return on investment and more.

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    Carolyn A. Beach
    Dodge-Regupol Inc.
    (800)-322-1923, ext. 227
    Fax: (717)-295-3414
    [email protected]


    Dodge-Regupol Inc. (DRI) was founded in 1989 through a partnership between Dodge Cork Co. of Lancaster, PA and BerleburgerSchaumstoffwerk (BSW) of Bad Berleburg, Germany. A combined 100 years of experience and technologies has established DRI as North America's first and lowest-cost producer of recycled rubber products.

    Circle No. 103 or visit

    Dodge-Regupol Inc.

    Specialists in Fitness Flooring Leaders in Recycled Products Technology

    EVERLAST Surfacing has made a positive impact in the fitness flooring industry. EVERLAST's brilliant color blends add visual excitement to club interiors. Designed to coordinate with today's colorful club equipment, upholstery, graphics and signage.

    EVERLAST Surfacing is an economical, seamless single-ply, non-laminated, odorless flooring made from 100% recycled rubber. EVERLAST Surfacing offers 27 color innovations in custom-cut rolls to fit your space.

    EVERLAST Surfacing tile inlays provide opportunities to add geometrics and graphic inlays throughout your club. Add colorful patterns, border treatments or random inserts with EVERLAST AccentTile. Personalize focal points with logos or symbols with EVERLAST LogoTile. Inspire a family-friendly environment with playful EVERLAST ChildTile.

    EVERLAST Surfacing is equipped to meet and satisfy the expectations of today's high-energy fitness clientele.

    “EVERLAST rolls have tight seams, absorb the shock of heavy weights, keep the overall noise level to a minimum and are great for traction!” claims personal trainer Tim Gulliford.

    Manufactured in the U.S., DRI 100% recycled rubber products set performance standards in the fitness industry. EVERLAST Surfacing withstands maximum impact. Its unique, high-quality combination of raw material, process and technology results in superior resilience and durability that yield maximum sound and shock absorbency. EVERLAST possesses a high co-efficiency of friction (slip-resistance) that surpasses industry standard. And its low-cost installation and easy maintenance options are a winning combination.

    According to David Angel, Fitness Facility Manager, Lifestyle Family Fitness, FL, “Our club has a mixture of vinyl, carpeting and EVERLAST Surfacing. EVERLAST is by far the easiest and most cost-effective floor to maintain. We simply apply a brush roll carpet extractor with squeegee head and water. We love the floor because it's extremely durable and has no wear problems.”

    In the creation of EVERLAST Surfacing, Dodge-Regupol uses the latest technology to clean and convert recycled rubber into one-of-a-kind products with long-lasting appeal. DRI is committed to operating our business and facilities in a manner that uses resources wisely and protects the quality of our environment, as well as the health and safety of our associates, families and communities.

    One of the world's largest users of scrap tire rubber, DRI uses 45 million pounds of scrap tires annually…reducing piles of recycled tires. DRI uses environmental processes of reducing, recyling and re-using in the manufacture of its products. Reducing the amount of scrap tires at the source, DRI recycles and converts scrap into viable materials and products and re-uses scrap rubber, packaging and other process materials recovered from production for waste minimization.

    For more information, samples or the distributor nearest you, contact Dodge-Regupol Inc. toll-free at 1-888-383-7655.

    Iron Grip Barbell Company

    Iron Grip Leads the Way In Urethane Free Weights

    With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, engineering expertise, and years of experience, Iron Grip remains the leading supplier of Urethane free weight equipment to the fitness industry.

    In the complicated field of urethane molding, Iron Grip remains the innovator in the fitness industry. Iron Grip has spent years developing and perfecting its proprietary urethane composition and manufacturing process to maximize durability, adhesion, looks and performance — and they've got the satisfied customers to prove it. With nearly 8 million pounds of urethane plates sold, and over 44,000 pairs of Urethane dumbbells sold, Iron Grip is clearly the leader in this category.

    Today, Iron Grip is one of the few commercial fitness equipment manufacturers that operates its own on-site factory in the U.S., and the only fitness company with its own urethane molding capabilities. Iron Grip's engineers were faced with some daunting challenges when they first began to design the urethane production line. Encasing bulky, heavy parts (on a large-scale production basis) had not yet been achieved in Urethane molding in the fitness industry. Iron Grip led the way in designing new machinery and molding techniques to accommodate large parts such as a 45 lb. Olympic plate or a 150 lb. dumbbell.

    Iron Grip's R&D team determined that such heavy parts would be best encased via an injection molding process, in which liquid Urethane is injected into a mold and flows around a solid insert. As the Urethane fills the mold, it forms a cross-linked molecular web that completely surrounds the insert. The urethane is then precisely heated as it cures and solidifies. This method produces a seamless coating with an exceptionally high tear strength and high wear resistance and results in a more durable product overall. Iron Grip's proprietary fluid molding process ensures that the urethane encasement will never split or peel, unlike imported urethane or rubber-coated dumbbells which can tear, split or peel away from the metal insert.

    Iron Grip's production facility also allows them to offer a sophisticated customization option for their Urethane equipment. Because of its distinctive properties, the urethane can be engraved and filled to create permanent weight markings and complex custom logos and text. Iron Grip is one of the very few free-weight companies that can offer custom decoration, and the only manufacturer that can provide such a high degree of complicated logo reproduction and permanence. Virtually any custom logo can be recreated using Iron Grip's advanced computer-controlled engraving methods.

    Iron Grip recently completed a move into a new manufacturing plant, nearly twice the size of their previous facility. The new facility provides Iron Grip with a higher level of control over quality, production processes and inventory, and allows them to build product to the highest quality specifications.

    Iron Grip Barbell Company
    4012 Garry Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92704
    (800)-664-4766 or (714)-850-6900
    Fax: (714)-850-6910

    [email protected]


    Since 1993, Iron Grip has been recognized as one of the premier innovators in the commercial fitness industry. Among its revolutionary developments are the signature Iron Grip Olympic weight plates, and its line of urethane plates and dumbbells. As the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide, Iron Grip has maintained its commitment to developing groundbreaking designs, building reliable equipment and providing excellent customer care.


  • Iron & Urethane Olympic Plates
  • Solid Steel & Urethane Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Olympic Bars
  • Iron & Rubber Pro-Style Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Beauty Bells & Accessories
  • Group Strength by Iron Grip
  • Circle No. 104 or visit

    Ivanko Barbell Company
    P.O. Box 1470
    San Pedro, CA 90733
    (310) 514-1155
    Fax: (310) 514-1363


    Ivanko Barbell Company manufactures a large selection of plates, bars, collars and dumbbells. The philosophy at Ivanko has remained the same since its beginning: to design and produce quality products. Although the product line over the years has become the focal point, Ivanko's commitment to servicing its clients with courtesy and reliability exceeds industry standards.

    Circle No. 105 or visit


    Since we introduced the industry's first rubber dumbbell in 1983, we have uncompromisingly refined and fine tuned the design 51 times in passionate pursuit of an ideal: a rubber dumbbell that is gentlest on equipment, safest for people, indestructible, with supertight fastening, neutralized odor, a classic look, an awesome feel. We're never satisfied, never finished. Perfection is an elusive goal. But this rubber dumbbell is 51 steps closer to it.

    Ivanko's PermaLockTM fastening system employs proprietary machining tolerances and surface preparation to achieve a metal-to-metal bond that requires 400 foot pounds of torque to twist apart. (The correct measure of rotational resistance is “foot pounds” of torque, not “psi,” which is sometimes used incorrectly by manufacturers).


    Approved for International Competition, International Powerlifting Federation

    We heat treat this stainless steel bar to 218,000 PSI, because our tests tell us anything weaker will bend. We further straighten each bar to a tolerance of 10/1000 inch, because anything less straight will cause rotational torque during heavy lifting. We make it of stainless steel because it needs no coating, so there's nothing to peel off, chip or rust. Finally, we ultrasonic test and magnetic particle test every bar to detect internal and external cracks that can cause the bar to snap.

    The International Powerlifting Federation (I.P.F.) counts our stainless steel Olympic bar among the very few that it approves for International Competition. We appreciate the endorsement, I.P.F., but we'repressing ahead with Design No. 124 anyway.

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