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Moisture Control

Dri-It II moisture-barrier packets give club owners a way to get rid of unwanted moisture around their clubs. The packets control the humidity levels in enclosed areas such as fitness facilities and are designed and patented to absorb moisture vapor from the air, which reduces the dew point temperature in clubs. Dri-It can absorb up to 280 percent of its weight in moisture, keeping everything around it dry and leak-free. This allows club managers to determine whether or not an area is wet and to control the environment if necessary.
Contact: Texas FastPak Corp.; phone: 866-606-2247;

Free Weights

Fitness centers, especially smaller ones, can now reduce the amount of space needed for their free-weight setup. The new 10-set CardioBell system from Power Systems allows for a compact setup. Each set comes with a 48-inch steel bar with durable PVC coating for better grip, two 10-pound, two five-pound and two 2½-pound rubber encased plates, and one pair of spring collars to hold the weights in place.
Contact: Power Systems; phone 800-321-6975;

Cardio Entertainment

Star Trac's E Series cardio entertainment line allows fitness enthusiasts to plug in their iPod and watch video on a 15-inch screen. The system also includes 12 programs and allows users to track their heart rate.
Contact: Star Trac; phone: 800-228-6635;

Virtual Cycling

Vcycling is an indoor bike system with a virtual reality twist. The Vcycle is a bicycle connected to a computer through a special mounting device allowing riders to see themselves on a screen riding or competing through South Africa or the countryside of Italy. Users can use the Internet to race against their own previous ride times or against others. The resistance motor on the back of the bike gives riders a real-life experience by making the resistance easier or harder, depending on what course they are riding and if they're climbing up a hill or on the flat. The auto-shifting Vcycle is for children and adults.
Contact: Vcycling; phone: 724-413-1735; e-mail: [email protected];

Wireless Handle

efi Sports Medicine added a wireless handle with remote-control features to its PowerTower collection. The handle enables users to change resistance any time while working out. The PowerTower uses a user's natural body weight as resistance and features a pulley system that adjusts to the person's girth and height for optimal results.
Contact: efi Sports Medicine; phone: 800-541-4900;

Stretching Aid

The Hamstretch device was developed to aid those who need to stretch their hamstring muscles but don't want to strain their back. The product stretches the pelvic girdle muscles — hips, glutes and groin — while keeping the knee straight for proper stretching. The Hamstretch is lightweight and adjusts to each individual's leg.
Contact: Hamstretch; phone: 716-481-0804; e-mail: [email protected];

Rehabilitation Chair

The LifeGlider 3000 is specialized for individuals limited in mobility by age, illness or trauma. The LifeGlider is a chair that allows users to recline while using the same muscles in an ordinary exercise. The LifeGlider 3000 allows users to build strength and endurance during their workout through low-resistance, high-repetition exercises. The Locomotion Research Laboratory at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, did a study on people between the ages of 70 and 77 to determine the therapeutic value of the chair. Researchers found a 20-minute workout with the product was equivalent to a 12-minute walk.
Contact: LifeGlider 3000; phone: 877-556-3127;


The O+ Stick contains 90 percent pure oxygen and gives off enough oxygen to increase physical and mental ability, therefore allowing users to perform at a higher level. Users are recommended to take three to five breaths while using the product. O+ Stick has been proven safe for those who use it, and the canister can be recycled.
Contact: Oxygen Plus; phone: 651-779-7292;

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