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Balanced Body's redesigned Pilates Armchair and Spine Corrector allow Pilates practitioners to add new dimensions to their Pilates repertoire. Both pieces are based on the Pilates' principles of spring resistance and are ergonomically correct. Users can perform a wide variety of trap, reformer and ladder barrel exercises. In addition, adjustable springarms enable users of any body type to perform numerous resistance-based exercises at varying levels of difficulty. Balanced Body teamed with Pilates educator Rael Isacowitz to design the equipment. A 30-year Pilates veteran, Isacowitz centered the products' concept on adding extra points of resistance and then redesigning the equipment to correspond with a growing understanding of human biomechanics.

Contact: Balanced Body; phone: 1-800-745-2837;


AquaChek® Total Iron test strips make it easy to monitor and control the levels of iron in pool and spa water. Iron is one of the two most common metals that cause problems for pool and spa owners. AquaChek Iron measures total iron, which includes ferric (Fe3+) and ferrous (Fe2+) forms. Test strips are packaged with 25 strips per bottle.

Contact: AquaChek; phone: 888-278-2243;

Strength Equipment

ProMaxima Manufacturing's strength equipment series Raptor is built using laser-cut cams and computerized bending machines. The machines come in any color paint and upholstery combination at no additional charge. Users can perform 12 types of rows, raises, curls, crunches, pull-downs and presses at compact stations designed for maximum impact on a circuit. The Raptor series retails for about $24,000.

Contact: ProMaxima Manufacturing; phone: 1-800-231-6652;

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