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Outdoor Lighting

The PathMaster Composite LED Bollard is an outdoor architectural fixture designed to provide energy-efficient illumination of walkways, decks, sidewalks and landscape areas for normal and emergency use. Incorporating LED technology, each light engine uses three high-performance, long-life, low-maintenance white LEDs for illumination and can be applied from one to all four sides of the bollard. The bollard can be readily affixed by an anchor base, lag bolts or direct burial. The PathMaster Power System provides normal and emergency power support. The PathMaster Composite LED Bollard is fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polymers. All exposed hardware is stainless steel, and the light engines are constructed of die-cast aluminum. Standard finishes include black, bronze and white. Custom finishes are also available.

Contact: Chloride; phone: 910-259-1000;

Air Purifier

The Photohydroionization AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer helps purify the air and minimize airborne and surface microbes, such as bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores and mold in sizes that range from 0.001 to 10 microns. The thermal equalizer combines two technologies that help to purify the air with highly charged negative ions while dispersing them through a sophisticated, highly compact air-movement device that also works to equalize air temperatures and humidity. During this process, a constantly generated stream of ions effectively helps oxidize airborne and surface microbes, even those that are hard to reach, such as in corners or in health club lockers with vent holes. This happens as the ions are dispersed through a room, as well as when the air is pulled back up and through the equalizer.

Contact: AIRIUS LLC; phone: 303-772-2633;

Functional Training

Develop the core, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness with the Functional Training Board from Power Systems. This multi-planar instability training board offers several settings to allow users of different abilities to perform exercises while standing, seated or lying down. To further enhance sport-specific workouts, users can incorporate resistance tubing using the notches around the base or add in medicine balls, weighted bars and dumbbells. For multiple push-up positions, users can utilize the raised hand-holds on each side.

Contact: Power Systems Inc.; phone: 800-321-6975;

Fitness Music

RockitWave8's three CDs can be used for group step, dance, kickboxing, cycling classes and more. The first CD features world music and is titled “Global Tribing, Part 1.” The second CD includes a Latin flavor and is titled “Passion Play, Volume 1: Burnin.” The third CD has a house vibe and is called “Shake & Bake, Volume 1: Soul of New York.” RockitWave8's fitness music focuses on harder and more energetic sounds that come from dance floors from around the world.

Contact: RockitWave8; e-mail: [email protected];

Indoor Pool Heaters

The Space-Ray Series LTU75 U-tube low-intensity infrared heaters are well-suited for heating indoor swimming pools and help create an efficient and comfortable swim environment in athletic and recreation facilities. Unlike forced air heating that works from the top down, infrared gas heat works from the bottom up, warming people and surfaces first for optimum comfort, in addition to the direct radiant warmth from the heaters. The heaters have a unique, unitized and pre-assembled design. This allows for less expensive installation costs, simpler re-arrangement within the pool area and less maintenance. Space-Ray's Series LTU75 infrared tube heaters can also be thermostatically controlled, individually or in groups, for greater operating control of pool heating requirements.

Contact: Space-Ray; phone: 800-438-4936; e-mail [email protected];

Racquet Sports

Speedminton is a high-energy game combining dimensions of tennis, badminton and racquetball. Created for people of all ages, the game is fun, easy to learn and play, and a great form of exercise anywhere at anytime, including night. Users can play with or without a net and in whatever dimensions they desire. The game is fun and portable like badminton and is an aerobic and competitive sport like racquetball. Like tennis, Speedminton is great for developing coordination. The game retails for $29.95.

Contact: Speedminton; phone: 877-225-7275;

Exercise DVDs

Each of SPIN Pilates' four DVDs are divided into segments that can be done individually to target a region of the body or consecutively for a full-body workout. The DVDS also include modified versions of most movements to serve all fitness levels. The most basic of the DVDs, “Core Essentials,” lengthens, strengthens and tones with a series of classic Pilates exercises. “Beyond the Basics” provides a more challenging mat workout that sculpts a leaner, tighter core. “Pilates with Weights and Balls” and “Pilates with the Ring and Roller” enhance the body-toning benefits by incorporating exercise equipment into a mat workout. The DVDs are priced at $24 each or $89 for the four-pack.

Contact: SPIN Pilates; phone: 310-823-7008; e-mail: [email protected];

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