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Exercise DVDs

Each of SPIN Pilates' four DVDs is divided into segments that can be done individually to target a region of the body or consecutively for a full-body workout. The DVDs also include modified versions of most movements to serve all fitness levels. The most basic of the DVDs, “Core Essentials,” lengthens, strengthens and tones with a series of classic Pilates exercises. “Beyond the Basics” provides a more challenging mat workout that sculpts a leaner, tighter core. “Pilates with Weights and Balls” and “Pilates with the Ring and Roller” enhance the body-toning benefits by incorporating exercise equipment into a mat workout. The DVDs are priced at $24 each or $89 for the four-pack.

Contact: SPIN Pilates; phone: 310-823-7008; e-mail: [email protected];

Group Cycling

The RealRyder ABF7 is an unstationary bike developed by fitness industry veterans. The bike trains studio riders with dynamic range of motion by pivoting on multi-axes, thereby bringing the benefits of road biking indoors for elite cyclists as well as group cycling enthusiasts. The bike's technology actively engages the arms, the upper body and the core to replicate the movements and health benefits of road biking.

Contact: RealRyder International, phone: 800-976-6280;

Display Technology

IO2 Technology's free-space display products show full-color, full-motion floating video images. Heliodisplay is available in 30-inch, 50-inch and 100-inch diagonal screen sizes. The M100 produces an image 7 feet wide or tall, depending on how it is oriented. The M50 and M30 produce head-and-shoulders-sized images for conference rooms, store displays, dining areas and lobbies. All Heliodisplays can take input from any source, such as a laptop or a DVD player. Although the images appear to be holographic, they are actually generated from any content of the user's choosing without requiring specialized custom content.

Contact: IO2 Technology; phone: 650-583-5230; e-mail: [email protected];

Stability Ball Storage

The new Power Systems Premium Stability Ball Tree helps keep stability balls of all sizes off the floor, organized and under control. Available in two sizes, the tubular steel trees hold six or 12 balls on 13-inch diameter rings. The solid steel rings are welded to independent rotating arms that extend from the center post and can be adjusted to fit a fitness center's or group exercise studio's space. The tree features locking casters that keep the tree in place. Users can unlock the wheels to take the equipment where it is needed. The tree holds stability balls ranging from 45 to 85 centimeters.

Power Systems; phone: 800-321-6975;


SportsArt Fitness' new line of Xtreme Series elliptical trainers have a user-controlled stride length of 17 inches to 29 inches. The new stride length on the E880 and E870 ellipticals is a result of university testing that shows when users exercise at longer stride lengths, they burn more calories and achieve greater muscle activation with no increase in the rate of perceived exertion. Other features of the ellipticals include Vari-Stride programs and the MyFlex pedal cushioning system, which delivers proportional cushioning based on a user's weight. An entertainment-ready LCD screen with multi-source inputs is standard on the E880, while the E870 features an oversized dot-matrix display. Both models feature SportsArt Fitness' CardioAdvisor heart rate monitoring system, advanced programming and MyGoal display.

Contact: SportsArt Fitness; phone: 866-709-1750;


Taraflex's Locker and Fitness Tile flooring both resist friction burns and food stains. Taraflex Locker flooring prevents bacteria and fungus growth and comes in seven designs, varying from vibrant to neutral colors. The locker flooring is 2.2 millimeters thick with a grained surface incorporating slip-resistant particles, making it safe for barefoot traffic. Fitness Tile flooring is available in eight colors and is 5 millimeters thick. The semi-flexible tile has a calf texture and is resistant to scratches and indentation.

Contact: Taraflex Sports Flooring; phone: 770-455-7072; e-mail: [email protected];

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