A unique combination of safety and the feel of free-weights, plate-loaded equipment is gaining popularity among clubs and users alike as more clubs offer sports-based training and as some members transition from selectorized equipment to free-weights, which has its roots in athletics. Once offered by only a handful of companies, these units now come from many strength companies and in many varieties — allowing fitness facilities to offer a full-body circuit if desired.


The FreeMotion PlateLoaded line combines FreeMotion's unlimited range with the smooth performance of plate-loaded equipment for precise results. The tripod design and integrated weight plate storage features allow for efficient use of valuable floor space in a small footprint. FreeMotion PlateLoaded is built to handle high weight capacities and withstand the heavy-duty use in the weight room. This six-piece line includes the chest, shoulder, seated quad, lat, row and squat. Contact: FreeMotion Fitness, 1096 Elkton Dr., Ste. 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; phone: 877-363-8449 or 719-955-1100; fax: 719-955-1104;
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Hammer Strength offers its plate-loaded units. Holding more than 25 patents, Hammer Strength is the world leader in plate-loaded exercise equipment. Its comprehensive offering of more than 65 strength-training machines combines the feel of free weights with the safety of traditional resistance machines. Revolutionary design technology makes Hammer Strength the most biomechanically correct strength training equipment available with innovations such as iso-lateral technology and ground base technology. Contact: Hammer Strength, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; phone: 800-735-3867 or 847-288-3300;
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Paramount has introduced the Paramount plate-loaded series, which includes a total of 20 new models. Paramount has now applied its advanced rotary technology to five new upper body plate-loaded models. Paramount's press arms provide both adjustments for varying user size as well as pivoting handles. The series has five models with traditional linear movements for the chest, shoulder and back. The Total Body models in this series provide multiple exercise movements using the same machine. All model designs have a minimal footprint while keeping structural integrity. Durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance components were a design priority. Contact: Paramount Fitness, 6450 E. Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040; phone: 800-721-2121 or 323-721-2121; fax: 323-724-2000; e-mail: [email protected]m;
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Strive Smart Strength presents the most effective plate-loaded equipment in the market. Why do all other manufacturers offer plate-loaded machines with just one loading position? Strive's plate-loaded line offers three different positions, each with its own distinct resistance curve to work the whole muscle. Strive's adjustable-variable resistance enables anyone from beginner to athlete to achieve the best workout possible. The evolution of strength training is now complete. Contact: STRIVE Enterprises Inc., 501 Corporate Dr., Ste. 110, Canonsburg, PA 15317; phone: 800-368-6448 or 724-873-5780; fax: 724-873-5770; [email protected];
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The Nautilus plate-loaded line, XPLoad, offers all of the biomechanical engineering and integrity that the world has come to expect from Nautilus. XPLoad features a patented four-bar linkage system that ensures correct movement during exercise. “Smart Arm” linkage technology allows for multiple movement paths coupled with accommodating strength profiles unavailable until now in plate-loaded units. The Nautilus XPLoad line offers superior structural integrity, bold new aesthetics, and value-added features that set new standards in this industry. Contact: The Nautilus Health & Fitness Group, 1886 Prairie Way, Louisville, CO 80027; phone: 800-688-9991;
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The CT-703 PowerSpot dumbbell machine is safe, reliable and smooth. It is designed to simulate the free and natural movement of dumbbell workouts. Quick-release, worry-free spotting mechanism easily adjusts to shoulder, flat, incline or decline workout positions. Universal holder fits most dumbbells and handle sizes and accommodates the heaviest of dumbbell sets. Adjustable multi-purpose bench is included. Contact: ProSpot Fitness, 1325 Oakbrook Dr., Suite Norcross, VA 30093; phone: 770-446-9299; fax: 770-446-7213;
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