NY Clubs Lack CPR Equipment


ALBANY, NY — New York health clubs are required by law to have emergency medical equipment to respond quickly to a heart attack, but two-thirds of the gyms across the state lack cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment such as gloves and breathing masks, according to a recent survey by the New York Attorney General's Office.

Thirty-five out of the 231 clubs that were surveyed had CPR equipment, but more than 80 percent of the clubs with more than 500 members reported that they complied with the law to have defibrillators and trained operators on site.

The percent of people surveyed who said that most of their members have their body composition or metabolic rate measured to gauge weight loss or gain. Twenty four percent do testing to monitor their general health, 4 percent test to improve athletic performance and 4 percent have other reasons for testing.

Source: Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro online poll

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