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Locker rooms products, services and ammenities review

Locker rooms are one of the most crucial areas in your club. While your aerobics studio, cardiovascular area and weight rooms are all important in landing potential new members, it's your locker room that is going to keep people coming back to your club.

Your members may want a workout floor that pushes them to their limits, but they expect a completely different experience in the locker room. They want security, comfort, hygiene and even a little luxury.

The products listed below will help keep your members happy. From heavy-duty, yet aesthetic, locker-room systems and locks, to fresh linens, spa-like personal body care products and body composition scales, your members will get the treatment that they want, and you'll get the results that you need: satisfied customers.

ChemSpa Industries manufactures body wash, hair and body shower shampoos, liquid soaps, deodorants, antiperspirants, conditioners, mouthwash, shaving products, hair spray, aftershave lotion and body powder. In addition, ChemSpa offers club operators an assortment of locker room pumps, sprayers and grooming bar accessories. The company also has a full range of razors, combs, cotton swabs and deluxe dispensers.

ChemSpa Industries Inc., 22 Deforest Ave., East Hanover, NJ 07936; (800) 243-6772; (973) 386-1158; fax: (973) 386-9055

M.S. Plastics & Packaging now carries towels. Cotton, terry cloth towels are long-lasting and machine washable. Stock towels are white, but colored and imprinted towels can also be purchased. M.S. carries a range of towel sizes, in addition to its wet bags, mesh laundry bags and other locker room products.

M.S. Plastics & Packaging Co. Inc., 10 Park Place, Building 2-1A-2, Butler, NJ 07405; (800) 593-1802; (973) 492-2400; fax: (973) 492-7801

Safe-O-Mat Locks offers a locking system for all lockers. New to its line of card- and coin-operated locks is the Safe-O-Tronic - a keyless, touchless locking system controlled by a computer chip. With associated software, the Safe-O-Mat locking system becomes part of a cashless payment system within a club.

Safe-O-Mat Locks, 14551 Judicial Road, Suite 124, Burnsville, MN 55306; (952) 435-2535; (800) 733-7139

Tanita's professional products include body composition analyzer scales. All models utilize the company's patented "foot-to-foot" BIA technology to make determining internal body composition a fast and accurate procedure. Tanita's body composition analyzers can be used independently, or they can be interfaced with the company's Health Management Software.

Tanita Corporation of America, 2625 S. Clearbrook Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60005; (847) 640-9241; (877) 6-TANITA; fax: (847) 640-9261;

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