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Have you ever given a tour that's gone something like this? The prospect is impressed with your equipment. She likes what she sees in your group exercise area. In fact, everything is going well until she ventures into your locker room. Then, disgusted by its condition, she leaves without another word.

Let's face it, members want tidy locker rooms. They want to feel comfortable when changing, and they want to feel that their personal belongings are safe while they exercise.

The products listed below will help put your members at ease, giving them the best locker-room experience possible. From fresh towels to assorted amenities for personal hygiene, these items will let you clean up your locker room--and clean up with members.

Abloy Security, Inc.
ASSA locker locks are designed to provide complete security solutions for a wide variety of locker applications. Their product line consists of Club Series Card Locks, coin return locks, coin retaining locks, cam locks, locker hasps and padlocks. Whether your needs are for security or convenience, ASSA has the solution for you.

Abloy Security, Inc., 6015 Commerce Dr., Suite 450, Irving, TX 75603 (800) 367-4598; (972) 753-1127; fax: (972) 753-0792

Body Drench
Body Drench offers a line of rehydrating body and skin-care products. Consisting of products such as shower gel, makeup remover, daily facial moisturizer and liquid velvet talc, Hydro Balancing Body & Skin Care offers nourishing extracts and natural emollients. Body Drench also carries a complete line of dispensing systems.

Body Drench, 1434 W. Main St., Suite 402, Lebanon, TN 37087 (800) 722-2639; (931) 449-4899fax: (931) 653-4132; E-mail [email protected]

ChemSpa Industries, Inc.
ChemSpa Industries specializes in personal care and locker room amenities. The company manufactures body wash, hair and body shower shampoos, liquid soaps, moisture lotions, deodorant, antiperspirants, conditioners, mouthwash, shaving products, hair spray, aftershave lotion and body powder. In addition, ChemSpa offers club operators an assortment of lock room pumps, sprayers and grooming bar accessories. The company also has a full range of razors, combs, cotton swabs and deluxe dispensers.

ChemSpa Industries, Inc., 22 Deforest Ave., East Hanover, NJ 07936 (800) 243-6772; (973) 386-1158; fax: (973) 386-9055

Club Amenities L.L.C.
Cosmetic Amenities International, a division of Club Amenities L.L.C., offers their Signature System — a laser-engraved fixture and dispensing system specifically developed for the Alter Ego personal-care line of amenities. Alter Ego customers can choose from a collection of .25-inch, high-impact, marble/granite material with their logo laser-engraved and color-filled onto each dispensing fixture. Signature fixtures are 100 percent handcrafted, painted and are totally self-enclosed units, notes the company, adding they are also easy to refill and monitor product levels.

Club Amenities L.L.C., 7585 Washington Blvd., Ridgeway One, Suite 101, Elkridge, MD 21075 (800) 578-5455; (410) 379-5454; fax: (410) 379-5458

Classic Woodworking, Inc.
Classic Woodworking, Inc.'s product brochure provides information on classic wood lockers. The advantages of these locker systems include factory direct package pricing, and they feature benches, towel drips and grooming stations.

Classic Woodworking, Inc., 9735 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Rd., P.O. Box 1476, Tualatin, OR 97062 (800) 322-2267; (503) 692-0800; fax: (503) 692-7070

Comtec Industries
Comtec Industries, a division of Compression Polymers Group, manufactures solid plastic toilet and shower compartments and cubicles, vanities, locker room benches, dressing compartments, urinal screens and the TuffTec line of lockers. Their product guide shows these products are corrosion, impact, moisture and graffiti resistant. Comtec offers a 15-year warranty on its products against breakage, corrosion and delamination from the date of receipt. Comtec has invested in a recycling technology that helps protect the environment by manufacturing solid plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheets from post-consumer plastic.

Comtech Industries, 801 Corey St., Moosic, PA 18507 (800) 445-5148; 717-348-0997; fax: (800) 551-6993 or (717) 346-6047; E-mail [email protected]

First Service
First Service specializes in complete locker room solutions for clubs and schools. They offer top-quality lockers and bathroom partitions, a time-proven Seating Solutions line of rugged benches and stools, fitness scales, swimsuit extractors, and baby changing stations, First Service also offers a wide range of flooring options, including water-draining surfaces.

First Service, 105 Rush Landing Road, Novato, CA 94945 (800) 227-1742; (415) 897-6582

Extractor Corp.
The Suitmate Swimsuit Water Extractor removes up to 95 percent of a suit’s water in just 10 seconds without the use of heat. This eliminates the need for club members to pack wet suits in sports bags. It reduces the theft of suits hung to dry, and it helps to make swimsuits last longer. It also helps eliminate the rust and delamination of metal or wood lockers, and it minimizes carpet and floor damage. According to the manufacturer, the Suitmate is safe for all swimsuit materials and is easy to operate.

Extractor Corp., P.O. Box 99, 705 Martin Dr., South Elgin, IL 60177 (800) 553-3353, (847) 742-3532; fax: (847) 742-3552 E-mail: [email protected]

Ideal Products, Inc.
Ideal wood lockers are water-resistant and available in numerous colors, finishes, styles and configurations. The fire-resistant, plastic-laminated finishes make the lockers economical, durable and aesthetically appealing. Club owners can select one of the standard configurations or design their own with Ideal’s assistance.

Ideal Products, Inc., P.O. Box 4090, Ontario, CA 91761 (909) 923-3311; fax: (909) 923-3932

(Pick-up art from scan sent to James 2/4) Jade Distribution Jade Distribution —the large club expert— services the fitness industry with a variety of top quality locker room amenities, featuring the Pure Botana toiletry line. Jade also offers dispensers, soaps, lotions, shampoos, razors, towels, combs, aftershave, and wet bags with logo imprinting. E-mail your company logo to [email protected], and Jade will send you a free lotion dispenser imprinted with your logo. Ask Jade to help you with all free dispensers and a free full color logo printing. Jade Distribution, 2250 Dickerson Rd., Reno, NV 89503 (800) 785-5233 (JADE); fax: (800) 486-3415;

Locker Caddy, Inc.
Locker Caddy introduced its updated door shelf for adding space to cramped lockers. Updating lockers with Locker Caddy door shelving adds space and organizes cramped lockers allowing users to conveniently store toiletries. Removable bins enable toiletries to be toted to the show or sink. Product updates include chrome or brass frame finish, an optional towel bar, a new mounting process now fits all lockers, and the removable bins are more transparent and more durable. Locker Caddy also now offers a shatterproof locker mirror complimenting their door shelf, and together they provide a low cost and effective way to update lockers. Locker Caddy’s Web site provides resources for lockers, and an online product-purchase page as well as a link to a complete directory to all U.S. locker manufacturers and their Web links.

Locker Caddy, Inc., 1416 W. 34th St., Suite 2, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (800) 932-2313; fax: (612) 397-8195

McArthur Athletic Towels
McArthur Athletic Towels’ Full-line Towel Buyer’s Guide features an extensive line of towels, and laundry and hospitality linens. It also includes promotional items and offers fully licensed logo placement on its product line for awards, special events and pro-shop sales. McArthur has been manufacturing quality athletic towels since 1885.

McArthur Athletic Towels, 700 Moore St., Baraboo, WI 53913 (800) 356-9168; (608) 356-8922; fax: (608) 356-7587; E-mail: [email protected]

M.S. Plastics and Supply Co., Inc.
M.S. Plastics has custom printed wet bags that are used for soiled clothing. These wet bags are sanitary, they keep you locker room clean and they help prevent towel loss. Wet bags that are custom printed with a club’s name and log make great marketing an promotional items the get re-used for the life of the bag.

M.S. Plastics and Supply Co., Inc., 10 Park Place, Building 2-1A-2, Butler, NJ 07405 (800) 593-1802; (973) 492-2400; fax: (973) 492-7801

Petra Hygienic Systems
The Wizard II Soap Station saves club operators time, space and money, note Petra officials. The Wizard II uses Petra’s Body Revive Super concentrates, which are available in a variety of colors and fragrances. And the Wizard II can customize the product to the richness and thickness desired with just a touch of a button. It is wall-mounted and can be linked to an existing chemical station or directly to the water source.

Petra Hygienic Systems, P.O. Box 668, 10 Jackson St., Los Gatos, CA 95031 (800) 463-2516; (408) 395-6355; fax: (888) 329-7387

Ready Care Industries
RCI is one of the nation's premiere suppliers of locker room amenities offering more than 400 locker room products and dispensers customized with your logo. Their dispensing systems feature 32-oz. dispenser bottles, available with colorful acrylic brackets that hold one, two or three dispenser bottles. For refills, just remove the pump top and refill it using a convenient gallon-size container. Other dispensers offered include 8-oz. hair spray and deodorant bottles, cotton swab and cottonball holders, mouthwash cup dispensers, eucalyptus oil spray bottles and their unique Eucablaster. RCI offers a variety of shampoo, lotion and body wash products to meet budget and quality requirements.

Ready Care Industries, 16075 E. 32nd Ave., Unit A, Aurora, CO 80011 (800) 477-4283; (303) 341-7171; toll free fax: (800) 456-6721; fax: (303) 341-5558

The Safe-O-Mat brochure describes their key system for wood and laminate deposit lockers featuring a promax cylinder that prevents lockers from being opened without detection that results in the prevention from master key misuse. The lock cylinder can be easily changed from the front of the locker in a matter of seconds. The key is held captive in the lock cylinder until the proper deposit has been made. After the locker is reopened, the key is captured in the lock again. Retrofitting of existing lockers can provide more locker capacity and better utilization as lockers can be used many times a day by different patrons.

Safe-O-Mat, 7101 York Ave. South, 226, Minneapolis, MN 55435 (612) 921-3315; fax: (800) 733-7139

Sports Solutions, Inc.
Sports Solutions has developed a new basic aloe vera amenity line for clubs desiring shower and vanity amenities. According to Sports Solutions, they offer the lowest pricing available for ready-to-pour liquids in bulk sizes in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shampoo/body wash combinations, and body lotion.

As the pioneer in quality hair and skin care products, Sports Solutions officials say it is currently the only recognized company that offers the highest quality of products and the specialized labeling capabilities for its unique inter-locking dispensing system. Sports Solutions, Inc.

2536 Manaña, Dallas, TX 75220 (800) 969-8008, (800) 969-6450; (214) 351-2834; fax: (214) 351-2609

Waxie Sanitary Supply
The WaxieCare 1000ml System is engineered for high-performance, high-capacity locker rooms. It is designed to fit the curves of the human hand. The palm-sized push bar is easy to use and delivers the right amount of soap needed, notes the company. The sanitary sealed bag-in-box prevents contamination, and each refill cartridge has a new valve, so there is not leaking, clogging or spilling. There are now parts to wear out either, so the system is practically maintenance- and repair-free. That’s why there’s a lifetime guarantee on the WaxieCare System.

Waxie Sanitary Supply, P.O. Box 23506, 9353 Waxie Way, San Diego, CA 92193-3506 (858) 292-8111; (858) 279-6311

SportsTech Services Inc.
According to SportsTech Services, the company has what fitness facilities need to outfit a locker room. They offer body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioners, lotion, shave gel, aftershave splash, Antiperspirant, hair spray, eucalyptus oil, mouthwash, razors, cotton swabs, pumps and dispensers available in various sizes.

SportsTech Services Inc., 10909-C E. 56th St., Tulsa, OK 74146 (800) 580-4864; (918) 461-9177; fax: (918) 461-9970 EMail: [email protected]

Treeforms Lockers
Treeforms Lockers offers a variety of styles and sizes. Club operators can choose from the standard product line of have Treeforms customize lockers to their specifications. All lockers are built in single width units with no common walls. Single width construction, notes the company, provides for greater torsional stability and overall strength. Treeforms also offers coordinated benches, vanities and towel holders.

Treeforms, Inc., Piedmont Center, 4242 Regency Dr., Greensboro, NC Greensboro, NC 27401 (800) 447-8733; (336) 292-8998; fax: (336) 292-8963

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