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Total-Body Conditioning Equipment

As exercisers have become more educated about the importance of total-body conditioning, manufacturers' products have become more sophisticated. Increasingly functional, total-body machines utilize most major muscle groups, building strength and cardio fitness. And they quicken workouts, a big plus for the members who are always in a rush.

Users (and clubs) have an array of machine types to choose. Whatever your members' preferences, there is a machine to accommodate them — from rock climbers to ellipticals. Arguably, it's never been easier (or more fun) to get into better shape. Best of all, total-body products can suit every age and fitness level.

Below are some of the top products on the market, which are adaptable to meet a wide variety of users' needs.


New from Balanced Body, the Reformer/Trapeze combines two popular pieces of Pilates equipment into one efficient, space-saving machine. This total-body conditioning unit is suitable for a wide variety of personal training and sports-specific conditioning applications. The Reformer/Trapeze is a practical solution for clubs that plan to offer a complete Pilates program, yet have limited space, according to Balanced Body. In addition, the equipment comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Balanced Body, 7500 14th Ave., Suite 23,
Sacramento, CA 95820; (800) 745-2837;
(916) 454-2838;
[email protected] ;
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The rotating Treadwall, introduced in 1989, offers the critical option of self-paced, continuous climbing; this is because the wall moves only when the climber moves. As a total-body exercise, wall climbing is highly functional, plus requires a full range of motion, trunk flexibility, cardiovascular performance and mental focus.
Brewer's Ledge, 34 Brookley Road,
Boston, MA 02130; (617) 983-5244;
(800) 707-9616; fax: (617) 983-5261;

[email protected] ; ;
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The CCS Fitness Body Trec has earned the “Consumer Guide Best Buys 2001” rating, the company reports. The natural elliptical motion provides a no-impact, total-body workout for less stress on the joints. The upper and lower body works in a motion that tones arms, chest, back, hips, legs and glutes.
CCS Fitness Inc., 16401 E. 33rd Drive,
Suite 40, Aurora, CO 80011; (303) 341-8128;

[email protected] ;
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The Versa Climber uses all the major muscles in one exercise, and provides twice as much exercise in half the space, states the company. The CL-108LX can be used as either a stepper or a climber, allowing users to perform both cardio and strength-training exercises simultaneously. The machine's display features standard, programmed and race modes, as well as calories, exercise time, climb rate, step height and total distance climbed. Versa Climbers are available in a Hi-Tri (three machine) or a High-Five (five machine) configuration so members can socialize as they work out.
Heart Rate Inc., 3190-E Airport Loop,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626; (800) 237-2271;
fax: (714) 755-5749;
[email protected] ; ;
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Jacob's Ladder is a patented climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. An alternative to traditional climbers, treadmills and other aerobic devices, Jacob's Ladder provides a high-intensity cardiovascular workout in a relatively short amount of time. It places little stress on the back and eliminates the pounding that occurs in many forms of exercise.
Jacob's Ladder, 6662 Boston State Road,
Hamburg, NY 14075; (800) 716-6786;
(716) 646-1319;
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Life Fitness's latest family of total-body Cross Trainers provides effective, versatile and virtually zero-impact workouts. Self-powered, the Cross Trainers feature a rear drive that creates a smooth, fluid, low-impact motion, moving the arms forward or in reverse in synchronization with the foot pedals. The close pedal spacing reduces lateral shifting of the hips, which minimizes lower back stress.
Life Fitness, 10601 W. Belmont Ave.,
Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 634-8637;
(847) 288-3300; fax: (847) 288-3703;

[email protected] ;
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The NuStep TRS 4000, the original recumbent stepper, offers a vigorous workout for the upper and lower body. It efficiently burns calories, builds upper- and lower-body strength and improves stamina, according to the company. Features include a comfortable seat, ergonomic design, and a large display screen for monitoring steps per minute, total steps, heart rate, calories and workout level.
NuStep Inc., 5111 Venture Drive,
Ann Arbor, MI 48108; (800) 322-2209;
fax: (734) 769-8180;
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In addition to working out the lower body, the EFX556 Total Body Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer features ergonomic handlebars for working out the upper body. Its fixed 25-degree ramp enables users to maintain the correct upright body position so members can get the best results from every minute of the exercise, states the company.
Precor USA, 20001 N. Creek Parkway,
P.O. Box 3004, Bothell, WA 98041;
(425) 486-9292; fax: (425) 486-3856;


The PROII All Body Rotary Exerciser from SciFit features step-through seat design for easy entry, bidirectional resistance and isokinetic mode for strength training. The dependent crank arms give the ability to drive passive motion into a weak or repaired joint using the upper or lower extremity. The soft, comfortable, oversized seat is easily removed to provide direct wheelchair access. Also available in an upper-body model.
SciFit, 5616 A. S. 122nd E. Ave.,
Tulsa, OK 74143; (800) 278-3933;
fax: (918) 254-4189;

[email protected];
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The unique variable stride length (10 inches to 40 inches) of the FreeRunner 5600 accommodates a wide range of individuals and fitness levels. Free-floating pedals allow users to simulate the natural heel-to-toe path of running, while avoiding joint impact. The FreeRunner has six workout programs, each with 20 levels of intensity. A flip of the built-in handles provides the option of a total-body or lower-body workout.
StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc.,
12421 Willows Road N.E., Suite 100,
Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 635-2936;
fax: (800) 764-7381;

[email protected];
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Star Trac's Thruster gives users a calorie-burning workout while simultaneously executing physiologically perfect lunges, squats, pull-ups, dips and push-ups. Built like a chair with a backrest that glides smoothly up and down, the Thruster allows the user to perform these functional exercises while virtually eliminating any chance of injury, states the company.
Star Trac, 14410 Myford Road,
Irvine, CA 92606; (714) 669-1660;
(800) 228-6635; fax: (714) 838-6286;
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The Stott Pilates Professional Reformer is reportedly an extraordinarily adaptable and durable piece of total-body conditioning equipment. This precision piece offers exceptional versatility, facilitating hundreds of effective exercises, states the company. The adjustable footbar and carriage stopping system regulate hip and knee flexion to accommodate different heights and abilities. All Stott Pilates reformers feature the whisper-smooth patented rolling mechanism that ensures precise and safe operation, allowing users to focus on proper form and execution, according to the company.
Stott Pilates, 2200 Yonge St., Suite 1402,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 2C6;
(800) 910-0001; (416) 482-4050;
fax: (416) 482-2742;
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The True Natural Trainer is manually powered by natural arm and leg movements. Users can adjust resistance on-the-fly through handlebar controls to create the workout level and incline they desire. The full-body engagement makes it possible to achieve a total-body workout in just 30 minutes, states the company. A three-year parts and labor warranty is available.
True Fitness Technology Inc., 865 Hoff Road,
O'Fallon, MO 63366; (800) 426-6570;

[email protected] ;
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