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Reviews of new fitness services and products.

The Concept2 DYNO is based on the concept of dynamic strength training. The resistance the user feels is a direct response to his effort. The more force the user is capable of applying to the DYNO the more he can lift and a higher force measurement will be displayed. Additional advantages, according to Concept2, are athletes of different strengths can work out together alternating lifts without having to change plates, users can do several different lifts circuit-style with minimal set up changes and the three basic lifting positions (leg press, seated bench press and seated bench pull) can be varied by machine setting and body position to work specific muscles. Contact: Concept2, 105 Industrial Park Drive, Morrisville, VT 05661; (800) 245-5676; fax: (802) 888-4791; [email protected];

Cybex International has introduced a new training product designed to improve human performance. The Cybex FT 360 Functional Trainer is an advanced strength training tool that's well suited for physical therapists, personal trainers or anyone interested in performance or functional training. With its space-efficient design and near infinite adjustability, the FT 360 allows users to perform the exact training movements they need without a lot of equipment, note Cybex officials. The FT 360 lets users make adjustments in two planes of motion, take advantage of virutally ulimited training variations and perform functional movements with decreased momentum. Contact: Cybex International Inc., 10 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053; (888) GO-CYBEX; (508) 533-4300; fax: (508) 533-5500;

NordicTrack recently unveiled its extreme workout machine - the NordicTrack Teton Trekker. With an incline reaching up to 50 percent, the Teton Trekker simulates hiking. According to the company, this intense workout enables users to burn more calories than ever before. Users are able to navigate their hikes on the pre-programmed workouts duplicating actual trails on the famous Grand Teton mountain range. In addition the Teton Trekker features patented technology which enable users to experience the sights and sounds of world famous mountain trails via the internet. technology automatically controls the speed and incline of the Teton Trekker with audible cues in the workouts. Contact: ICON Health & Fitness Inc., 1500 S. 1000 West, Logan UT 84321; (435) 750-5251; fax: (435) 750-5297; [email protected]

The new F5000 Inversion Table still offers the safety and comfort of its predicessor, but with greater strength and durability, states the company. This newest model offers greater weight capabilities for increased stability. In addition, the model's hand grips are now rubber coated for easier gripping, with the nylon cover now double-stitched for greater durability. Additional features of the F5000 include three hinge settings to control the responsiveness of rotation, a tether strap for inverting to any angle, soft foam ankle clamps for comfort, a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish and easy folding for storage purposes. Contact: Teeter Hang Ups, 10004-162 St., Ct. E, Puyallup, WA 98375; (253) 840-5252; fax: (253) 840-5757; [email protected];

Phil Kaplan, respected fitness author, speaker and media personality, announced the release of his newest book Personal Training Profits and A Secure Fitness Future. In this book Kaplan reveals all of his success secrets for anyone who stands to prosper with a personal training service or career. With an emphasis on integrity and professionalism, Kaplan provides marketing and promotional ideas that he promises can catapult any qualified caring personal trainer to a position of respect and income previously reserved for medical and legal professionals. Contact: Phil Kaplan Fitness, 1304 S.W. 160 Ave., PMB 337, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33326; (305) 824-5044; fax: (305) 824-3595;

Jacob's Ladder is a patented climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a 40-degree angled non-motorized continuous treadmill. To use the machine, exercisers simply snap on the control belt and start climbing. The higher the exerciser reaches, the faster the ladder moves and the more intense the workout becomes. A breaking device ensures that the ladder stops when the exerciser reaches the lower rungs or stops climbing altogether. The machine also offers digital feedback on how many feet were climbed, rate of speed, what level of effort was put out and how many calories were used. Contact: Jacob's Ladder 662 Boston State Road, Hamburg, NY 14075; (716) 646-1319; fax: (716) 649-4928.

IHRSA recently published its second edition of Waivers and Releases for the Health and Fitness Club Industry. Waivers and Releases presents the club industry with a practical guide to the current status of waiver law by state and guidelines for developing a club's own release of liability. It includes useful information on terminology, effectiveness of waivers by state, writing a waiver, and waivers and minors. Contact: IHRSA, 263 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210; (800) 228-4772; fax: (617) 951-0056;

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