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Body Masters Sports Industries Inc. has introduced its latest product to reach multiple markets, the FT 1000 Functional Trainer. The unit features multidirectional, swivel brackets designed to respond freely and quickly to the user's direction of movement, 10 vertical and six horizontal adjustments employ levers designed to allow simultaneous adjustment in both planes, highly visible instructional placards showing multiple exercise choices, a 1-¼-inch padded ballet bar provides stability during various exercises and an accessory storage rack for extra handles. Plus, it features an industry first, using rope instead of cable, which will allow for a smoother feel, increased durability and optimal tracking along the pulleys. Contact: Body Masters Sports, 700 E. Texas Ave., P.O. Box 259, Rayne, LA 70578; phone: 800-325-8964; fax: 337-334-4827;
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Cybex International Inc. has announced the signing of an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Trazer Technologies Inc. TRAZER® systems combine optical position sensing and VR simulation technologies to create a variety of broadly patented exercise training, testing and rehabilitation applications. TRAZER puts athletes, kids, patients and fitness enthusiasts into an interactive virtual world where their real-world reaction time, acceleration, speed, power, balance and agility drive on-screen games and activities. Sports and fitness users dodge, block, cut, duck and jump while TRAZER precisely measures their performance. Contact: Cybex International Inc., 10 Trotter Dr., Medway, MA 02053; phone: 508-533-4300; fax: 508-533-5500;
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FitLinxx Inc., the global leader in Fitness Intelligence Technology, recently introduced a new product to eliminate the need for power drops at FitLinxx-powered strength equipment. By supplying low-voltage power over its Ethernet wiring, FitLinxx installations are now similar to that of a phone system, with just one low voltage power and data connection per device. As a result, installation is much simpler and less expensive. It also gives facilities greater flexibility in moving equipment. The new product, called the Low Voltage Power Adapter (LVPA) fits into the standard FitLinxx cabinet rack or a standard data rack. Contact: FitLinxx Inc., 860 Canal St., Stamford, CT 06902; phone: 866-316-5151; fax: 203-316-5150;
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The Walker/Jogger Gym is a product that will change the way walkers and joggers who use hand and wrist weights exercise. It enables the exerciser to work against resistance loads while walking, jogging or vigorously moving around in one location, without the detrimental effects of gravity. The Walker/Jogger Gym(tm) consists of a light, comfortable body harness that straps around the lower legs, waist, chest and shoulders, four sets of varying strength resistance tubing, two neoprene covered handles, and an instruction manual. Contact: FUNNctional Fitness Equipment, Los Angeles, CA 90036; phone: 800-FUNNGYM; fax: 323-931-6695;
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The GolfGym Power Swing Trainer promotes added strength while increasing club head speed, which allow users to gain more yards with fewer strokes. Since the GolfGym Power Swing Trainer adjusts to every swing, it eliminates the difficulty of finding the proper swing plane and is so compact, it fits into a briefcase enabling users to simulate the motion and “feel” of a golf swing at home, office or on the road. The first of its kind, the GolfGym Power Swing Trainer brings the pro-training and fitness techniques to amateur and recreational golfers in an easy-to-use, compact and affordable product. Contact: GolfGym, 2708 S. Grand, Santa Ana, CA 92705; phone: 877-4-GOLF-GYM; fax: 714-437-1399;
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Hammer Strength brand introduces the Olympic Heavy-Duty Rack Systems, a line of equipment ideal for high school, university and professional athletic fitness facilities. The new line will comprise five units — the 8-foot and 9-foot Olympic Heavy-Duty Power Racks, Multi Rack, Half Rack and Adjustable Bench. The Olympic Heavy-Duty Rack Systems allow athletes to perform a variety of strength-training exercises and their versatility makes training facilities more efficient because trainers and coaches can use multiple Olympic Heavy-Duty Rack Systems to train more athletes in a smaller space and in less time. Several athletes can perform the same exercises simultaneously, so staff can more easily monitor and track the athletes' exercise regimens. Contact: Life Fitness, 10601 West Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; phone: 847-288-3300;
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Life Fitness has introduced three new commercial total-body elliptical cross-trainers. The 95Xi, 93X and 90X models comprise the new Fit Stride line. The new units have an increased stride length, a new ellipse position, refined arm motion and improved knee clearance for taller users. All three models are self-powered, so they can be placed anywhere in a facility. All the units have 600 watts of resistance and 25 resistance levels. On-the-fly programming (95Xi and 93X only) enables users to maintain accumulated data when changing programs during an exercise session. Speed is now calculated and displayed in mph, allowing for easy comparison to common daily activities, such as walking and running. Contact: Life Fitness, 10601 West Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; phone: 847-288-3300;
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Weight By Date is a helpful resource for health club owners to keep membership high through self-motivation and personal pride. Weight By Datesoftware tracks your progress so that even personal trainers can track day-to-day results. This program tracks everything you eat (including essential nutrients) and records exercise/calories burned, while also comparing and tracking body measurements. It also includes four ways to chart weight loss progress, a colorful BMI chart and a calendar-style interface that makes tracking and recording weight easy. Contact: ProVariant Software, 52 Westerville Sq. #151, Westerville, OH 43081; phone: 888-967-9970; fax: 740-965-6443;
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Building on its reputation as a leader in user-focused cardiovascular equipment, Star Trac has announced the launch of its re-designed Pro Series upright and Pro Series recumbent bikes, developed to meet the uniquely different characteristics of each bike's typical rider. A new user interface is the highlight of the re-designed display that features new programs, compatibility with Star Trac's Pro Partner PDA programming and Star Trac's popular motivational track display. The new Star Trac Pro recumbent bike has a walk-through design that allows users to access the seated position without the difficulty of stepping over a shroud. For rehabilitation purposes and the burgeoning active older adult population, this feature removes a common barrier that prevents many people from using recumbent bikes. Contact: Star Trac, 14410 Myford Rd., Irvine, CA 92606; phone: 800-228-6635; fax: 714-838-6286;
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Art: 402CITherapyZone


TherapyZone will print your clubs name on free fitness and health product catalogs and give your members a 20% discount off. TherapyZone factory direct prices on hundreds of health and fitness items including exercise balls, balance cushions, foam rolls, aquatics, stretching, resistance tubes, pain management, children's fitness products and much more. This unique new member benefit can also earn you a cash override on each sale. No contracts or commitments, simply request free catalogs and free counter display at our website. Contact: TherapyZone, 1001 W. Arizona, Denver, CO 80223; phone: 800-822-2889; fax: 303-871-9950;
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VHI announces a unique new computerized collection of 174 balance training exercises. From the therapist or trainer working with an injured client, to the strength coach working with competitive athletes, this collection will help train the body in all planes of motion and all aspects of balance. Exercises for Lunges, Squats, One/Two-Leg Stand, Stability Ball, Unstable Surfaces and much more. The entire collection can be viewed with our free PC-Kits software demo. For a free demo visit our website. Contact: Visual Health Information, P.O. Box 44646, Tacoma, WA 98444; phone: 800-356-0709; fax: 253-536-4944;
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VHI has developed a new computerized exercise collection of 450 classic exercises and new ideas specific to OMT trained therapists and those therapists with MET, MTT, STEP experience. Now you will have access to the most current MET/STEP exercise collections. Advanced levels of exercises taught in Manual Therapy seminars and residencies are included in this collection. Contains exercise for: shoulder, back, cervical, abdominal, lower extremity, mobilization, spinal locking and wrist/elbow. The entire collection can be viewed with our free PC-Kits demo. Contact: Visual Health Information, P.O. Box 44646, Tacoma, WA 98444; phone: 800-356-0709; fax: 253-536-4944;
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Art: 402CIRealSports


RealSports, by Visual Sports Systems, is an advanced line of interactive virtual sports activities for health and fitness clubs, multipurpose sports centers, and athletic training centers. The RealSports simulator allows users to play 6 different sports in 1 system, including Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball. Each activity represents the most exciting and realistic off-field practice environment available, and adjustable play modes make the system ideal for both recreation and skill training. Sports and fitness facilities are using RealSports to create new revenue streams, attract new membership, and differentiate their facilities. Contact: Visual Sports Systems, 80 W. Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 15, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B1H3 CANADA; phone: 866-480-2749; fax: 905-773-7623;
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