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This ACE-approved kickboxing training course available from Health Kick Fitness, offers fitness professionals an opportunity to learn all the techniques and resources they need to be a dynamic kickboxing instructor. This home-study course offers curriculum in such subjects as program benefits, physical technique instruction, class design, safety, injury prevention, instructional techniques, equipment use, program development and instructor training resources. In addition, Health Kick Inc. offers more than 32 hours of Kickboxing Fitness instructor training workshops (biomechanics, choreography, equipment, etc.) and a 3 level Kickboxing Fitness Instructor certification program. Contact: Health Kick Inc.; (888) 627-8348; (520) 292-0011; fax: (815) 786-7706; [email protected];
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Finis introduces its new line of swimming goggles, kickboards and accessories for 2001. According to the company, Swim America Selection and Testing Committee chose Finis' LANE 4 series, and its brands have been chosen as the official products of ASCA and Swim America. LANE 4's goggles provide a no-leak seal, and its H2 model fits most children. In addition, its Nitro Kickboard is designed for balancing, kicking and streamline drills with children. The board has also been used as a conditioning kickboard for pre-senior and senior swimmers. Contact: Finis Inc., 3941 Holly Drive, Suite E, Tracy, CA 95304; (888) 333-4647;
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Paramount Advanced Performance Systems' Hip Adductor AP-3800 and Hip Abductor AP-3900 are compactly designed. Featuring a low-maintenance and ergonomic design, both models provide variable-resistance strength training and are controlled by multi-position adjustment disks with incremental settings. The 3800 and 3900 feature easy entry and exit, lumbar support pads, dual foot pegs, and a front-mounted elevated weight stack and seat position. The Hip Adductor model also includes a seven-position adjustment disk with 10-degree increment settings, as well as a three-position adjustment disk with 12-degree increment settings. Contact: Paramount Fitness Corp., 6450 E. Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040; (323) 721-2121; (888) PARA-FIT; (800) 721-2121; fax: (323) 724-2000; [email protected];
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Now there's an easier way to load weights onto plate-loaded machines, according to Hampton Fitness Products. The company's new line of Fusion international plates, made especially for plate-loaded equipment, offers a new rubber ergonomic rotational grip. In addition, a solid nylon center hub fits snugly into Fusion's center, allowing the plates to slide smoothly onto bars; and the durable, solid rubber casing reduces noise and the possibility of damage to equipment or floors. Contact: Hampton Fitness Products, 1913 Portola Road, Ventura, CA 93003; (805) 339-9733;(805) 339-0401; [email protected];
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Avex Industries Ltd.'s Peacock indoor tanning system is a compact and space-saving piece of equipment. Each user can adjust the tanning panels to wrap around his/her body in the most ideal configuration of angles for optimum tanning results, regardless of body size. Two or more Peacock systems can be placed in the same area of space that a single system of some other tanning systems require. Less space required allows room for growth and more profits for the club owner. Avex provides a variety of financing plans, including rent, lease or buy programs that can be done over the phone. Contact: Avex Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 230, Hudson Falls, NY 12839; (800) 950-2839;
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Life Measurement's Bod Pod Body Composition Measurement System assesses a client's lean tissue and body fat using air displacement. The Bod Pod also offers clients a sense of privacy, comfort and timeliness, as assessments take a matter of minutes. The Bod Pod is simple to operate and can accommodate a variety of people. Contact: Life Measurement Inc., 1980 Olivera Road, Suite C, Concord, CA 94520; (925) 676-6002; (800) 4-BOD-POD; fax: (925) 676-6005;
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