NBFE Taps Thompson Prometric to Develop Board Exams

Santa Barbara, CA-- The National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE), is a not-for-profit organization; founded in 2003, announced that it has selected Thompson Prometric to assist in the development and deployment of national board examinations for personal trainers.

"We're excited about our collaboration with the National Board of Fitness Examiners," said Alison Indrisano, senior vice president of global operations. "Thomson Prometric computer-based testing services offers a proven method for measuring and validating personal trainer skills, and raises the professional bar for the fitness industry nationwide."

The NBFE said it felt that since Thompson Prometric helped develop and deploy medical national boards, it was the logical choice for the fitness profession.

"This is the first time in the history of the fitness industry that we┬╣ll have national standards for personal trainers," said Dr. Sal Arria, executive director of the NBFE. "Until now, anyone could call themselves a personal trainer. This brings a level of competency assurance to the public; simply ask if your trainer passed the national boards."

The NBFE plans to maintain a registry that will be made available to the public and physicians. It also said it will lobby that physicians recommend their patients exercise more often and utilize the services of board registered trainers, as well as the health clubs that employ them.

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