National YMCA Searches for New Health and Fitness Director

CHICAGO -- The YMCA of the USA is searching for a new health and fitness director to replace Michael Spezzano, who had been with the Y for about 30 years. He left his post in June and has since moved on to the YMCA of New York. The national Y has not yet replaced him or his supervisor, the head of program development, who also recently resigned. In the interim, Jim Weaton is stepping in to serve as the interim head of program development and membership.

The new health and fitness director will have large shoes to fill, says Arnold Collins, YMCA spokesperson. Spezzano served on the medical advisory board committee and was in charge of all programs in connnection with health and wellness. "It's certainly an important need," Collins says about filling the health and fitness director position, but he indicated that the head of program development position might need to be filled first.

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