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Last month at my club I was attempting to sell a membership to a husband and wife. When I asked them to join, the wife looked at the husband and asked, “Are you going to use it?” The husband responded, “I don't know. Are you going to use it?” This indecision went on for about a minute. Previous experience with this type of situation has taught me that if I had let them leave to think about it, they probably would never be back to join, even with my tenacious follow-up program. I'm happy to report that they did join and in this month's article, I'm going to share some of the ideas I used with that couple that helped them make the decision to join my club.

One of the best ways to motivate prospective members to join your club is to paint a word picture in their minds of what they're going to look and feel like as a result of joining your facility rather than working out at home or at a competitor. When people see themselves in their own minds looking like they want to look and feeling like they want to feel, they'll join your club if that will help them realize it.

Five Step Plan

Here are five steps that will help you paint a motivational picture of positive results for your prospective members, and some questions to get you there.

  • What picture are they holding in their minds of their past experience with health clubs and gyms? Is it one of intimidation, regret and failure? We know that many of our prospective members have joined clubs in the past, paid for memberships, and, for one reason or another, never used them on a regular basis. “Have you ever joined a club in the past?” “Were you able to get the results you wanted at that club?” “What did you like or dislike about that club?” or “What do you feel prevented you from using the club on a regular basis?” are some of the questions that will lead you to a sale.

  • What fitness or sports activities are they currently involved in? What are they doing or not doing that makes up their present state of health and fitness?

  • Where do they want to be? You can find this out by asking: “How do you want to look and how do you want to feel three months from now?”

  • What's prevented them from sticking with an exercise program in the past? Try asking questions like these: “What obstacles do you see that will prevent you from achieving your fitness goals?” “What do you feel is the best way to overcome those obstacles?”

  • They must be willing to make a commitment. A key question to ask is, “Can you see yourself working out two to three times per week over the next three months to get the results you want?”

  • After you've gone through these five steps, paint a word picture of what they can expect. This five-step procedure will also help you overcome objections during the presentation and tour. You'll arouse so much emotional desire that the only thoughts in your prospective members' minds will be how great they're going to look and feel as a result of joining your club, making it easier for your sales force to close the sale on the first visit.

    Jim Collins is the president of Health Club Training. He can be reached at or at (561) 741-7676.

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