Longfellow Clubs Switches to On-Site Energy Facility


NATICK, MA -- The Longfellow Clubs is going green and on-site for its energy needs. The Massachusetts club company recently signed an agreement to receive a substantial portion of its electricity, heat, domestic hot water and swimming pool heat directly from an on-site, 75-kilowatt cogeneration facility that will be owned, installed and operated by American DG Energy.

The system, using combined heat and power equipment, will produce energy on a smaller scale. The project is valued at $1.75 million to American DG Energy over the course of the long-term agreement.

American DG Energy will produce energy at the facility and sell it to the Longfellow Clubs at a price lower than local utilities. The clubs will pay only for the energy used, without paying any capital or operating costs. The energy-efficient system will decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 306 tons each year, the equivalent of taking 52 cars off of American roads.

“At most health clubs and sports centers, the second largest expense, behind payroll, is utilities. They are energy hogs,” says Laury Hammel, owner of The Longfellow Clubs. “We had been analyzing our energy efficiency mix and considering ways to decrease our carbon footprint, when we were contacted by American DG Energy. We were thrilled to learn about a program that would allow us to save money and provide a more efficient way to generate electricity and heat.”

The Longfellow Clubs has locations in Natick, Wayland, Sudbury and Franklin, MA.

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