June 2005 News Archive

Worldwide Membership at Health Clubs Climbs to 85 Million

BOSTON–The health club industry is nearing its goal of having 100 million members by the year 2010—and will very likely surpass it, according to the 2005 IHRSA Global Report, which was published in June.

The Sports Club Co. Delays Financial Reporting

LOS ANGELES -- The Sports Club Co. Inc. has delayed reporting of its first quarter 2005 results. The delay stems from issues relating to the recording of leasehold improvements. Most of the work required to prepare the company’s consolidated financial statements has been completed. However, the complexities associated with accounting for and reporting of landlord incentives under operating leases and assets held for sale have held up completion of the final financial statements. As a result, the company has not filed its required financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company had recorded its leasehold improvements differently than required, which will result in several reclassifications of the company's reported results for the first quarter of 2004.

Mayo Clinic Offers Its Employees a Way to Lose Weight While They Work

ROCHESTER, MN—Dr. James Levine walks on a moving treadmill and strolls around a track. The endocrinologist isn’t at the health club while he’s working out—he’s at work. The doctor created the “Office of the Future” as a way to improve the health of his employees. This scientifically designed office environment is the result of a decade’s worth of research on how humans expend energy.

YMCA Celebrates Active Older Adults Day

CHICAGO -- Adults aged 55 years and older now represent one of the fastest growing age groups in fitness, according to the YMCA. The national organization recently celebrated the Active Older Adults Day to recognize health benefits of exercise for seniors.

Cleveland Elementary Schools To Reach their “Physical Best”

CLEVELAND, OH—Thousands of Cleveland elementary school students have been chosen to participate in the initial fall start to the Physical Best program, designed to promote healthy, active lifestyles for all students – particularly those whose health may be at risk because of inactivity or poor diet.

Air Force Leaves Unwanted Pounds Behind

SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Most of the people assigned to this forward-deployed location as part of Air and Space Expeditionary Force 3/4 have rotated home, but they have left behind a lot of excess baggage – unwanted pounds.

Navy Improves Vending Machine Options

PORTSMOUTH, VA—The Navy Environmental Health Center (NEHC) and the Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM) have partnered to promote healthier snack foods in the Department of the Navy's (DON) vending machines, according to a recent Navy report.

Overhydration an Emerging Problem

PHOENIX—Here’s the latest must-have component of a running program – a scale. While we’ve been telling our members, clients and ourselves to drink lots of water before, during and after exercise, it seems though that the message may have been followed too much by some. Drinking too much water while exercising intensely for long periods of time is thought to be a cause of hyponatremia, or abnormally low sodium levels, and can be fatal.

CSUB to Build $24-Million Rec

BAKERSFIELD, CA-- California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) students have approved a referendum that will help fund a new $24 million recreation center and support the university’s move towards becoming an NCAA Division I athletics school.

Army Uses Resistance Bands for More than Fitness

ALEXANDRIA, VA– Soldiers can flex their muscles any time at just about any place with a strand of elastic resistance tubing in a pocket-sized package dubbed Army Fitness Deployed. The fitness guide was developed for Soldiers to maintain their muscular fitness while in the field, but the bands are being used for much, much more than a workout.

NIH Message to Kids: “We Can” Get Fit!

WASHINGTON, DC— HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt today announced in early June the launch of We Can!, Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition, a national education program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help prevent overweight and obesity among youth ages 8-13. We Can! provides resources and community-based programs for parents, caregivers and youth that focus on behaviors to encourage healthy eating, increase physical activity, and reduce sedentary time.

New Jersey Bans Junk Food, Other States Consider

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ– The legislation just keeps coming to try to slow down the childhood obesity epidemic. In early June, New Jersey became the first state to ban soda and junk foods in schools, but many states are following their lead.

Fitness Becomes a Family Affair

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, GA – After three needs surveys, the fitness center at Robins Air Force Base is making fitness a family affair. Once an old racquetball court in disrepair, the new family fitness room is a safe haven for parents and children.

Arnold Launches New California Fitness Council

ANAHEIM, CA -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants California to become the “Fitness State.” Schwarzenegger, along with numerous celebrities, announced the launch of the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that will promote the health benefits of physical fitness, exercise and sports for all Californians.

Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Patients

PROVIDENCE, RI—A new study shows that moderate exercise may help improve fitness and psychological well being among early-stage breast cancer patients. Published in the May 20th edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the study looked at 86 women who had undergone treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

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