GW Sailors Improve Physical Readiness

USS GEORGE WASHINGTON -- USS George Washington (GW) completed its 2006 spring cycle for the physical readiness test (PRT) March 30, and the results show improvement.

Out of the 2,600 sailors tested, there were least 100 fewer failures this cycle as compared with the fall 2005 cycle, said Lt. Jacqueline Pollock, head of fitness at GW. Additionally, the command computed more than 2,900 body composition assessments (BCA), marking a 50 percent decrease in BCA failures from the previous cycle.

“Everyone talks about numbers and obviously they are a great way to test and assess a sailor’s fitness,” said Pollock. “But GW sailors know that being fit is more than that. Of course we want everyone to pass the PRT, but more than that, we want to give them every opportunity to better themselves.”

According to Pollock, GW takes an aggressive approach to fitness and is committed to the wellness of sailors. GW offers a variety of exercise classes, as well as courses in topics like nutrition, life skills and smoking cessation to give sailors the tools they need to have a healthier lifestyle.

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