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Gold's Gym club Photo courtesy Gold's Gym International.

Gold’s Gym Plans 25 New U.S. Locations in 2018

Gold's Gym International plans to expand in markets it considers "hot," including Atlanta; Minneapolis; Orlando; Tampa; San Jose, California; and the New York metro area.

Gold's Gym International, Dallas, plans to add 25 U.S. clubs in 2018, mostly in markets it considers “hot,” according to a media release from the company.

The markets include Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, Tampa, the New York metro area and San Jose, California.

It also announced plans to expand in Europe, China and Qatar. The company has more than 700 locations in 28 countries. More than 145 of the locations are corporate owned.

“The demand for Gold’s Gym is dominating new domestic and international markets and the results speak volumes not only for our franchise owners and master developers but also for our 3 million members living stronger and healthier lives,” said Craig Sherwood, senior vice president of franchise and licensing for Gold’s Gym. 

In 2017, Gold’s Gym opened 49 gyms, including the two largest Gold’s Gym locations ever built: more than 150,000-square-foot clubs in Amman, Jordan, and Alexandria, Egypt. Gold's Gym also added 15 new gyms in India, seven new gyms in Japan, and rapid expansion in Saudi Arabia where Gold’s Gym will more than double in size to 21 gyms this year. The company also awarded a new agreement in Iraq.

“Our global footprint is in the best shape financially and physically to make 2018 our strongest year to-date,” said Ken Phipps, director of global franchising development for Gold’s Gym. 

Gold’s Gym also achieved a 20.73 percent EBITDA for the domestic investor, attracting a crowd of franchisees seeking a healthy business and healthy profits with a dominant global brand. 

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