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Franchise Growth Is AFS’s Top Fitness Studio Trend for 2019

The Association of Fitness Studios' (AFS) latest report features 10 budding trends that span the topics of franchising, nutrition, profitability and Millennial influence, among others. Click through this gallery to learn more about which trends are forecasted to dominate the industry in 2019.

Franchise growth has surpassed last year's small-group training as the Association of Fitness Studios' (AFS) top studio trend for 2019.

"With strong funding driving the engine and the apparent insatiable desire among the exercising public, franchise growth is the dominant trend according to AFS sources," AFS’s Top Fitness Studio Trends of 2019 report states. "From Orangetheory, Anytime Fitness, 9Round and a host of others, the cookie-cutter approach to presenting fitness to the market place—in a positive, results-oriented fashion—will dominate the industry in 2019."

The report, compiled by AFS's executive panel of advisors, vendor partners and studio operators, features 10 trends that span the topics of nutrition, profitability challenges and Millennial influence, among others. This gallery highlights each trend.

"This year's trend report by the Association of Fitness Studios features some very interesting newcomers," AFS founder and CEO Josh Leve told Club Industry. "While the focus in the studio space continues to be focused on workout specialization, now, more than ever, with only so much differentiation between one business to the next, we're seeing a major focus on the customer service and heightened experiences. Health is becoming the new wealth and a better experience leads to what can be described as social currency."

"What pulls everything together and in my opinion, the future of the industry lies in the understanding for a studio owner to truly succeed they must run their business skill set parallel with their fitness skill set," Leve continued. "You cannot guess anymore. You need sound business expertise to compete—especially with the big name franchise models."

For the full AFS report, click here.

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