Four Steps to Keep Members Safe If Your Health Club Is Still Open

Preventing Coronavirus Spread
(Illustration by farasofa/iStock/Getty Images Plus.)

If your health club, studio, YMCA, JCC, parks and rec facility or university rec center is still open and trainers are still training members, they can make compulsory for members to fill in the Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey (WURSS-24) and limit how many people can be in the club at a time. To find out more about the WURSS-24, please go here. To request permission to use the form, please go here. (For more information from Grover, watch the Club Industry Town Hall from March 19, 2020, or read Grover's answers to coronavirus questions.)

The key here is:

Step 1: Self Check. You are your own best doctor All health club goers have had the flu before. The coronavirus is similar in symptoms but more contagious. 

Step 2: Have club staff check the temperature of everyone entering the club and give them a brief on following COVID-19-related extra rules. 

Step 3: Extra rules include social distancing (maintaining 6-foot distance) and surface cleaning responsibility of each member. Soap solution is enough to kill this virus on the surfaces. Protecting cell phones, ear buds, etc., from re-touching, etc.

Step 4: Staff members enforcing step 3. 

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