Fitness Tops New Year's Resolutions

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Annual predictions describing what types of resolutions people are expected to make during the coming New Year's season were announced by, which is a leading Web site for setting and reaching personal and professional goals. The web site based its predictions for this year's resolutions on last year's third quarter goal-setting activity.

“Things might actually be returning to normal,” said Greg Helmstetter, CEO of Last year, a staggering 27 percent of people's resolutions were career-related, an 18 percent increase from 2002. For New Year's 2004, however, a 9 percent drop in career goals may signal a return to business-as-usual.”Deep concerns about jobs were so strong last year that career-related resolutions surpassed the usual top category, ‘Health & Fitness,’” said Helmstetter. “This year, a marked drop in job-related goals shows that people are starting to focus more on other areas of their lives such as family, getting organized, and fixing up the house. That's good news for everybody.”

Health & Fitness Resolutions:
Weight Loss 44%
Health & Wellness 13%
Exercise 8%
General Fitness 8%
Diet & Nutrition (Non-Weight-Loss) 7%
Sports/Events 7%
Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Caffeine 5%

This New Year's, “Health & Fitness” (which includes ever-popular weight-loss goals) is expected to reclaim its title as the most popular category of New Year's resolution. With 22 percent projected to have fitness top their lists, according to the company.

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