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Aphelion Management Software and Services

Our V4 software has all the management tools you'll need for success.

Aphelion Software and Services are designed for one mission: to allow club managers to make better decisions through an integrated view of their club operations.

Aphelion Software provides tools to gain new members and improve member retention, to monitor inventory and employee time, and to optimize facility use.

V4 links all facets of the club into one insightful set of reports, with as much or as little detail as you want. Aphelion Services include everything from club management to client billing — all using the most thorough health club software available.

Aphelion is the leading health club management software in the world, with applications in more than 3,000 locations — from the largest chains to single-unit clubs. It's because it works. And because we work constantly to improve our software, customer service, and the services our clients need to run their clubs more efficiently. Of course, every fitness software company claims their software “does the most” and “is the best.” So whom do you believe? All we ask is for you to test our V4 software demo. Why not call today? 800-324-9800.

A Better Way to Outsource Billing

Our new S3 (Software, Services and Staffing) package turbo-charges your back office in one turnkey package that does it all — online and in real time. It combines the best of locally installed software, outsourced billing services, and skilled back office staff to augment your own.

With S3, you're in control, but the normally mundane tasks of billing and other “back office” operations are run by Aphelion experts remotely. Using our exclusive system, we work with the same data as you do — online. And you are spared overhead costs, training time and expense, and the inevitable turnover of your own staff. And with S3, you don't worry that the billing isn't going out because of vacations or illness.

The S3 is affordable, since Aphelion staff can run the billing, decline processing, and member follow-up for your club for less than you can hire your own staff. Since all funds settle directly into your account, float is reduced. And with discounts on EFT fees and merchant rates, it could actually cost less than you're spending now.

Thirty-Minute Response Guarantee

Nothing is more frustrating than having your sysem down and the feeling of being stranded. But if you ever need tech support (and you probably won't), you'll usually speak with a tech rep immediately. If not, we guarantee you'll receive a response within 30 minutes. No other software company offers a guarantee this powerful.

1100 Nasa Parkway
Houston, TX 77058
Phone: 800-324-9800; 281-333-9800
Fax: 281-333-9816

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There's More to EFT Than Just Processing

And there's more to growth and profits than just EFT.

You're selling more memberships but aren't seeing the increase in your billing, sound familiar? We'd like to tell you about the SmartLink solution from ASF. SmartLink offers solutions to club owners that want to break free from static revenue and start running their club with a new perspective and increased net profits.

SmartLink is a one-source service designed to streamline your operations and increase your net profits by integrating the most important aspects of your business; payment processing, marketing, member and business management. As an ASF client you will have access to the most efficient payment processing, the most advanced technological products and the best marketing programs in the industry.

EFT and Billing

  • Immediate follow-up of past due accounts.
  • Follow-up on past due accounts to maintain electronic method of payment.
  • Reduction of membership cancellations.
  • Member renewal program.
  • Digital contract storage and retrieval.
  • Professional and courteous service to your members.


  • ClubPRO® club management software with member integration.
  • ClubPRO 3000® online member management and reporting.
  • Online business management.
  • Online member payment center.
  • Membership cards.
  • Point of sale.


  • Interactive referral programs.
  • Renewal and retention programs.
  • Custom design and marketing.
  • Web sites.
  • Direct mail services.

The best part about SmartLink integration is that once implemented club owners find they have more time to focus on sales and the growth of their business. Stop the static cycle of your revenue generating process and implement the SmartLink system from ASF.

ASF International — The distinct approach to club management.

ASF International
640 Plaza Drive, Suite 300
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Phone: 800-227-3859
Fax: 303-914-2744

[email protected]

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Club Management Systems from CSI Software

CSI Software has been developed specifically for the fitness industry. For more than 20 years, we have listened to our customers, developed solutions and enhanced our products to meet the evolving requirements of this dynamic industry. CSI allows you to manage membership, employees, accounting, scheduling and fitness in a database that can be accessed by a single club or a group of clubs via a local or wide area network or the Internet.

Managing membership and accounting are two basic club management operations. The relationship of this data to employees, facility schedules, membership sales, attendance and retention provides managers with the information to make timely decisions in order to profitably influence their club's bottom line. CSI's products are completely integrated so that this information is available in one source. Reports are complete, comparisons are meaningful and decisions can be based on reliable information.

The Internet Age has provided new opportunities to deliver powerful software products that are easy to operate, quick to respond and easy to maintain at a fraction of the cost normally associated with these types of products. The software and data are located at a data center. The users of the software run it over the Internet. Members can inquire into activities, class/program/facility schedules and their account from any PC on the Internet. Programs can be booked, courts reserved and classes enrolled at any hour of the day or night. CSI maintains the software, backups the data and continually enhances the products for the user. It is the best of both worlds. You have continual access to your data and complete control of your financial schedule. CSI provides technical and operational support. You do not need to maintain a fileserver, a network or on-site technical support. The software is continually enhanced so you do not have to go through upgrades and system changes.

CSI can provide software, implementation, hardware and ongoing support for your club or wellness operation. Call for demonstration information or log on to our Web site for an informative view of our products.

CSI Software
3120 Southwest Freeway, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 800-247-3431
Fax: 713-942-7731
[email protected]

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Custom Design Systems, Inc.

PowerManagement is a thorough, flexible and easy to use software package designed for the fitness industry. This productivity tool delivers an all-inclusive facility management system. PowerManagement will increase overall efficiency and reduce overhead expenses. This will allow staff to focus on customer service and member retention. The software features the following at the touch of a key.

  • Video-Identification Check-in
  • Membership and Guest Tracking
  • Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control
  • Commission Tracking
  • Income/Sales Analyses and other Management Reporting
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Personal Trainer Tracking Module
  • WAN Capability For Multi-Site Facilities
  • Full Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated Collection Services
  • Class and Appointment Scheduling

Additionally, all your computer hardware needs can be purchased from us. Whether you have one or more workstations let CDS equip your facility with PCs, monitors — flat screens, data back-up units, modems and report printers. We'll complete your operations success with the necessary peripherals. We have compatible cash drawers, bar code laser guns, thermal receipt printers and credit card swipe machines. Want the latest in club management technology? Call us about our Biometric Hand Scanner for tracking personal training revenues!

Reciprocal Check-In — This feature allows for check-in at any club participating in your Wide Area Network.

Additional EFT Services

Automatic updates available 24/7 electronically. No messy paper trails. We can debit checking, savings or credit card accounts.

Integrated Collection Services — Built-in convenience with First Credit Services, a full-service collections organization.

Automatic Reprocessing — Let us reprocess immediately for rejected items due to insufficient funds.

Automatic Collection Letters — This option automatically sends out a “right to the point” collection letter for first time rejected items with a return mailer to your address.

Credit Card Processing — Processing your credit cards is a breeze with POWERManagement. You may opt to process via your merchant account or through us.

Management Reporting — Extensive capabilities for membership, demographic, income and sales analysis reports. POWERManagement will increase efficiency and reduce overhead expenses. This will allow staff to focus on customer service and member retention. The software features the following at the touch of a key.

  • Video-Identification Check-in
  • Membership and Guest Tracking
  • Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control
  • Commission Tracking
  • Income/Sales Analyses and Management Reporting
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Personal Trainer Tracking Module
  • WAN Capability For Multi-Site Facilities
  • Full Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated Collection Services
  • Class and Appointment Scheduling and reciprocal check-in.


Custom Design Systems was formed in 1986 to fulfill a need for a powerful management tool in the fitness industry. Extensive research was performed, programming and design began and POWERManagement was introduced nationally. Subsequently, Orion Financial Services was created as a complimentary service for EFT and Credit Card processing built into PowerManagement. Today, the company continues to grow and fulfill the needs of the fitness industry with Wide Area Network capabilities, centralized billing and innovative management tools.

Custom Design Systems, Inc.
200 Daniels Way, Suite 210
Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: 800-CDS — SALE; 732-294-0003
Fax: 732-294-9397

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Get DIRECTV for Your Business

DIRECTV offers a wealth of programming packages for your business environment.

Tailor your club's programming with more than 50 popular channels that include the followingg:

  • ESPN,
  • E! Entertainment Television
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Bloomberg Television

Add to the more than 50 channels of popular programming with up to 23 regional sports networks and more than 40 channels on Music Choice.

There are a variety of specialized sports packages to choose from, as well. Your customers will enjoy crystal-clear digital-quality picture and sound at your club. They'll love DIRECTV programming and you'll love what it does for your club's business image.

Put us to work for you today. Call us at 888-854-7761 for more information.

Phone: 888-854-7761

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Need Cash?

Since 1934, Fair Finance has provided Credit Lines and Immediate Cash Flow programs to a variety of businesses including the Health and Fitness industry.

We provide a service that no one else provides to health clubs. It's called factoring. The process is very simple. Fair Finance will convert your membership contracts into cash for you on a daily basis.

Why should I factor my receivables?

Factoring your membership agreements provides immediate funds to cover expenses like payroll, inventory, and renovations or even to purchase new equipment. Best of all, we will not place a lien on your club or require you to sign lengthy contracts to get started.

Need Collections?

With more than 65 years in the consumer finance business, Fair Finance knows just how important first impressions need to be.

Our professional account managers and customer service specialists are interested in a lot more than just collecting payments.

To be successful in today's market, you need to offer great services at affordable prices. Our professional billing and collection services are hands down one of the best in the industry.

We stand behind our service plans by offering our customers upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

Our plans include flat fees and full billing collection services up to 90 days.

When you have the right team behind you, you can expect to have the best services.

Call us today to find out more about how we can convert your contracts into cash or increase your dues payments with our professional collection services.

Fair Finance
815 E. Market St.
Akron, OH 44305
Phone: 800-735-3247
Fax: 866-329-3247
[email protected]

What we do best!

  • We pay cash daily for contract
  • 90day collection services
  • Flat fees, no hidden costs
  • Easy set up and fast approvals
  • Front desk member management
  • Credit line programs

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Fully Functional Urethane Grip Plates

Ivanko quality, the Ivanko name, “fully-functional”, multi-slot, matte finish (non-shiny), urethane grip plates, without an attitude.

Ivanko's New Urethane Grip Plates are the answer to what has been a rising tide of requests from its customers for urethane plates that meet certain desirable criteria that have been missing in conventional urethane plates on the market:

a) “Ivanko quality,” because some customers know that Ivanko is a perfectionist

b) “The Ivanko name on them,” because some customers claim it's the only brand with name recognition strong enough to attract new members when used in advertising.

c) “A matte finish,” because some customers don't like the shiny plasticized look of conventional urethane plates

d) “Grip slots entirely around the plate,” because some customers recognize that multiple slots make it easier to lift from any position, are therefore safer, and also better looking.

e) “Urethane plates without an attitude,” because some customers know that urethane is a nice coating, but not on the short list for the Nobel Prize.

f) “A ‘fully-functional’ (round) design,” because some customers have members who want to do repetition power cleans or dead lifts that are not advisable with “semi-functional” (flat-edged) plates.

Ivanko has marketed rubber encased weight plates and dumbbells for more than 20 years. Both rubber and urethane have their strengths and weaknesses, but Ivanko has preferred rubber for a variety of reasons. However, when requests from the field grew to a fever pitch, the company decided it was time to serve the marketplace better by developing what had evidently been missing in conventional urethane plates to date.

During the exploratory phase, Ivanko gained an appreciation for how Thomas Edison must have felt experimenting with hundreds of materials for the light bulb filament until he settled upon tungsten. So it was with urethane. The breakthrough came with the help of Amerityre, who is working with Goodyear to develop the first urethane automobile tire. Suddenly, Ivanko was privy to state-of-the-art urethane chemistry and molding technology. The result is Ivanko's use of high impact urethane in combination with proprietary chem-fused bonding that marries the urethane to the iron plate in a way that is stronger than the urethane itself.

Ivanko does not like to introduce products that are just “good enough” to put out on the market. The company prides itself in serving the marketplace better by constantly redesigning, refining, and perfecting each product in its line. These new Urethane E-Z Lift plates are no exception.


Ivanko Barbell Company was founded by Tom Lincir in 1967, and it is the leading provider of professional and commercial grade barbell and dumbbell products worldwide. Your comments or questions are welcome. Write Tom Lincir at Ivanko Barbell Company, P.O. Box 1470, San Pedro, CA U.S.A. 90733.

Ivanko Barbell Company
P. O. Box 1470
San Pedro, CA 90733
Phone: 310-514-1155
Fax: 310-514-1363

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KORR Metabolic Testing

Bringing value and prestige to your facility.

Korr Medical Technologies is a leader in the science of Metabolic Testing through measured oxygen consumption. In the fitness facility, Korr metabolic testing can have powerful results:

  • PRESTIGE: Metabolic testing is equated with the most elite, high-end facilities in the world!
  • VALUE TO CLIENTS: Clients will become empowered to reach their goals through an understanding of their body's unique metabolism.
  • REVENUE: Testing services can create a new source of revenue. With only 10 tests per day, facilities can earn up to $300,000 a year through RMR and/or VO2 testing.
  • EASY TO IMPLEMENT: Korr has made implementation of this new service truly turn-key…you'll be up and running in just one day. Korr walks you through each step of the process and even provides extensive marketing materials to make it easy for you to advertise. Korr's products offer true one button operation — simple enough for any staff member to operate.

CardioCoach $4,500

VO2 Testing is valuable to the deconditioned athlete. Why? VO2 testing gives trainers the information necessary to truly customize workouts. Testing can show clients their improved VO2 levels as reward for their efforts. They will stay motivated even if the scale or the mirror doesn't show progress very quickly.

CardioCoach provides the ultimate measure of fitness and is the most professional way to monitor improvement. High performance athletes are thrilled to have access to the same training tools used by professionals. Their competitive nature drives them to test and retest as they strive to beat their best.

MetaCheck $2,995

The truth is, most people join a health club to lose weight. The MetaCheck performs Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing to provide a unique weight loss plan based on a client's own metabolism. MetaCheck shows each client the MOST calories they can eat and still lose weight. Metabolic measurements can even complement an existing weight loss program you may already offer.

Thousands of potential customers are looking for something truly new to help them lose weight and get in shape. But when you offer sensible solutions such as “eat less, exercise more,” it is hard to get their attention.

But METABOLISM is the hottest topic in weight loss. Offer Metabolic Testing, and you WILL get their attention. Sensible weight loss never sounded so exciting.

Korr Medical Technologies
2463 S. 3850 W. #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84120
Phone: 800-895-4048
Fax: 801-483-2123 [email protected]

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Life Fitness' New Fit Stride Cross-trainers

Units feature enhanced biomechanics and dynamic new design for a smooth, comfortable user experience.

Life Fitness recently introduced three new commercial total-body elliptical cross-trainers. The 95Xi, 93X and 90X models comprise the new Fit Stride line and replace the 9500HR, 9100 and 8500 total-body elliptical cross-trainers, respectively. Each unit combines advanced biomechanics with a new, cutting-edge industrial design, as well as improved durability, performance and serviceability.

Enhancements and Standard Features

To ensure proper biomechanics, Life Fitness' research team, in conjunction with Concordia University, River Forest, Ill., conducted an in-depth study of the elliptical motion. As a result, the new units have an increased stride length, a new ellipse position, refined arm motion and improved knee clearance for taller users.

The pedal position also enhances user comfort. At 2.8 inches apart — the closest of any elliptical trainer in the industry among machines that comply with TUV (an international standard of quality) — the pedal placement reduces lower back stress by minimizing lateral shifting of the hips.

A mix of metallic silver and gray tones gives the new models a cutting-edge, contemporary look. For monitoring and maintaining heart rates, the 95Xi and 93X come with Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring (optional on the 90X), while the 95Xi also includes interactive digital heart rate monitoring technology with Lifepulse heart rate sensors conveniently located on the moving arms.

Intuitive-to-use, the console boasts an integrated reading rack and accessory tray with a CD/MP3 player holder that is centrally located in front of the console to minimize the user's interference with headphone wires. All three models are self-powered, so they can be placed anywhere in a facility.

To make it easy for facilities to bring entertainment to exercisers, the 95Xi can come with Life Fitness' new integrated LCD console (model 95Xe; “e” stands for entertainment) while all the units can be equipped with Life Fitness' attachable LCD entertainment system. Incorporating advanced technology, both options allow exercisers to select live TV programming while working out. The integrated LCD console's sophisticated touch-screen controls provide simple navigation between entertainment program options and workout data. The attachable LCD entertainment system mounts securely to a machine just above its existing console and lets the user select and view TV programming; workout data is displayed through the console. To ensure a streamlined look, the system incorporates the same industrial design as the cross-trainers.

The 95Xi and 93X feature interactive heart rate programs (optional on the 90X). The 95Xi also includes the new Fit Test program for determining fitness level. All the units have 600 watts of resistance (previous models had 500 watts) and 25 resistance levels, five more than were previously available. On-the-fly programming (95Xi and 93X only) enables users to maintain accumulated data when changing programs during an exercise session. Speed is now calculated and displayed in mph, allowing for easy comparison to common daily activities, such as walking and running.

Life Fitness
5100 River Road
Schiller Park, IL 60176
Phone: 800-634-8637
Fax: 847-288-3703

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Magnum — Your Single Source

Magnum fits all the pieces together to help make your business a success.

Over the past 25 years Magnum has become a trusted name in the fitness industry by building integrity into our products and services. Every project receives our steadfast commitment to craftsmanship, as well as, the highest caliber of professionalism to help you and your clients achieve success. Our experienced representatives provide expertise in equipment selection and facility layout to maximize the use of your floor space within your budget.


  • Strength equipment highlighted by Magnum's beautifully crafted E-Series that features Biangular technology in low profile frames.

  • Cardio equipment that is set apart by the all new NexStep recumbent stepper powered by a self contained generator/eddy current brake.

  • DuraRoll rolled rubber flooring that is perfect for any application including weight rooms, cardio areas, offices, the pro shop or child care.

  • Plus, Magnum Strength Accessories consisting of Olympic plate, rubber and cast iron, dumbbells, barbells, Olympic bars and machine attachment handles.

As a single source Magnum allows you to deal with one team of experienced professionals from equipment selection to delivery and any future customer service that may be needed.

Magnum Fitness Systems
2201 12th Ave.
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: 800-372-0554
Fax: 414-768-7047

[email protected]

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The Core Spinal Fitness System

80% of your members have suffered from back pain and 80% of potential members have suffered too.

Become the solution to back pain by reducing or eliminating their pain, while increasing your club's revenues and differentiating yourself from your competitors. Based on clinically proven medical technology, the Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX will help your members get the results they want:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sports performance, posture and appearance
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased flexibility

The Core Spinal Fitness System consists of five bio-mechanically precise machines — the Lumbar Strength, the Ab Isolator, the Torso Rotation, the 4-Way Neck and the Super Stretch — which are designed to target, isolate, and strengthen spinal muscle groups. In less than 20 minutes twice a week, your members will see positive results after one workout.

The Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX is a direct descendent of the most technologically advanced medical rehabilitation equipment in the world. MedX is the definitive leader in spine care technology and medical exercise equipment. Clinics around the globe rely on MedX for treating chronic and sub-acute back and neck pain. Clinical studies have proven that MedX-based spine strengthening exercise therapy relieves pain, restores function and reduces the need for spinal surgeries. The Core Spinal Fitness System is designed to provide similarly effective exercise as those used in the medical rehabilitation arena.

Bio-mechanical precision and a pedigree of proven medical effectiveness sets The Core apart from any other exercise system.

Please visit for specific academic and clinical findings.

The Core
Spinal Fitness Systemby Medx
MedX of Gainesville
4820 Newberry Road
Gainesville, FL 32607
Phone: 866-814-0719

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Muzak, Your Music Provider

Just as every gym and health club has a certain look, feel and personality, it also has a sound — a music all its own and a voice that says, “This is who we are.”

So what does your business sound like? That's what Muzak helps you figure out.

Muzak is the world's leading provider of music, sound systems and on-hold messaging for businesses. With a growing list of more than 3,500 health and fitness club clients, Muzak is the most trusted and experienced provider of complete audio solutions created specifically for the fitness industry.

Whether you're a small yoga studio, an athletic club, or a community fitness center, Muzak will create an experience that will motivate your members and keep them coming back for more. We provide complete Audio Architecture solutions to meet your specific needs for music, sound systems, and on-hold and “in-gym” messaging services. Muzak is also a licensed provider of commercial DISH Network Television.

If music is your primary need, Muzak has created a new music program developed with health and fitness centers in mind. Hi-NRG is an upbeat mix of current chart pop and select favorites from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s that appeal to a broad audience. With special emphasis on maintaining an up-tempo musical pulse within a range of 125 to 155 beats per minute, Hi-NRG is perfect for health and fitness clubs that want to motivate and energize members through the power of music.

In addition to Hi-NRG, several of Muzak's fitness clients enjoy popular programs such as Hot Hits, EuroStyle, Urban Beat, and Power Rock. Many clubs play certain programs in different areas of their facility, such as KidTunes in the daycare room, Moodscapes in the spa, or FM1 at the nutritional juice bar.

When it comes to sound system design and installation, Muzak has led the industry for more than 70 years. Our integrated service network includes more than 200 locations nationwide, staffed by more than 1,000 experienced and professional sound technicians and engineers.

No matter what you need — music, sound systems, on-hold messaging or TV programming — Muzak has the solution you've been looking for.

Call for more information about our fitness solutions and get a FREE CD demo.

Muzak. Creating experiences with Audio Architecture.

3318 Lakemont Blvd.
Fort Mill, SC, 29708
Phone: 800 223.0686
[email protected]
Web site:

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SCIFIT Has the ‘Key’ to Fitness

“People love programs.” This is the mantra of SCIFIT President, Denton Smith. Judging from the response to SCIFIT's Fit-Key documentation technology, he's right. “It's all about the programs and the documentation. The key makes doing programs and documenting results effortless and painless,” said Smith. “Just put the key in and go!”

Fit-Key is an exercise documentation technology that is capable of storing programs and recording workout results. The key can be used as a tool for setting time and function on the machine or it can be used as an exercise documentation tool to track results and progress.

The Fit-Key receptacle is embedded into each piece of SCIFIT equipment. There is no special order equipment, no expensive servers and no wires.


  • Easy to set up, easy to use.
  • Increase traffic in your facility, enhance client relationships and improve retention rates.
  • Pre-programmed workouts help clients move through their workout easily and frees valuable time for employees.
  • Workout variety for each program means clients spend less time on each machine.
  • Management reports allow you to design personalized programs and provide feedback for your clients.


  • Easy to use. When the key is inserted into a machine the program is automatically set for time, program and resistance level.
  • A variety of machines are used so workouts are never boring.
  • Get a strength and cardio workout on any of our programs.
  • Workouts can be customized.
  • Workouts are documented and can be printed on daily reports and history reports.
  • Workouts are fun and the reports are motivating.


Each workout is recorded on the key. At the end of the workout when the key is downloaded, daily reports and history reports containing workout data can be printed or e-mailed. The reports are essential to making Fit-Key fulfilling to the member and what keeps the member on track and motivated. The sense of accomplishment and success is what keeps them coming back. The reports allow them to see the smallest improvements so they can view their progress as it happens.


Programs are stored on the key so the member doesn't have to remember how to set up each machine. When the key is inserted into a machine the program is set for time, program and resistance level. This makes using the equipment easy and the learning curve brief. Instructions on the screen are simple and easy to follow as they walk you through the workout. Programs may also be customized or modified to meet individual needs and goals.


A variety of machines can be used in one workout. With SCIFIT you get strength and cardio exercise on the same machines using SCIFIT's Iso-Strength Program. Workouts are never boring and can be tailored to meet the individual members' needs.


The Fit-Key system is easy to set up and use. Your employees will love the intuitive screens on the computer that walk you through programming keys and setting up personal profiles. The wireless system means there are no wires or cables connecting the machines to the computer.


Pre-programmed workouts help members move through their workout easily and frees valuable time for employees. The workout variety for each program means members spend less time on your most costly equipment — treadmills. The system will attract members from new demographics and will improve retention rates through enhanced customer relationships, which add up to higher profits and a stronger bottom line.


With the Fit-Key Level 3 Enhanced Software you will reap the benefits of having a database incorporated with your Fit-Key system. The database will keep track of members' progress and workout activity. Management reports can be created to enhance service or to give feedback and adjust personalized programs.


Level 1 - Pre-programmed Keys

  • Insert the key into any piece of SCIFIT equipment and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The keys are pre-programmed — no computers and no software.
  • Keys can be used over and over again by an unlimited number of clients.

Level 2 - Basic Fit-Key Software

  • You get the control and convenience of programming your own keys.
  • Create custom workouts to meet individual needs and goals.
  • Keys may be re-programmed at any time.

Level 3 - Enhanced Software with Database

  • The database keeps track of members' progress and workout activity as well as names and client information.
  • Each workout is recorded on the key.
  • At the end of the workout when the key is downloaded, daily reports are printed.
  • Workout history reports let the user track progress or make adjustments to their workout program.

5151 S. 110th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146
Phone: 800-278-3933
Fax: 918-254-4189

[email protected]

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Sports & Fitness Insurance

In today's uncertain markets, when are “strength and stability” more than just buzzwords? When they are backed by impeccable underwriting companies and the most experienced administrators.

You decided to be a part of helping individuals take better care of themselves…so we have decided to offer you an insurance plan to help you take better care of yourself.

Sports & Fitness is proud to announce we now provide health benefits, disability insurance, life insurance, general liability coverage, and a long list of other coverages available to the following businesses worldwide: health clubs, fitness centers, yoga studios, Pilates studios, personal training, sports leagues, manufacturers, aerobic training, gyms, and racquet facilities. Let us handle all of your insurance needs.

If you're concerned about the financial strength of your insurance and financial services organization, here are some questions you should ask.

  • How important are the designations awarded by the rating agencies for an underwriting company?

    Very important. They provide an impartial, thoroughly researched measure of a company's financial strength. Our underwriting companies and their member companies hold some of the highest ratings awarded by the principal agencies. They are a prized asset, enabling us to capitalize on business opportunities not open to those without these credentials.

  • Are there substantial differences in the way insurance organizations are managed?

    Yes. Take the experience Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation has in the sports and fitness industries and the intricate knowledge of the risks associated with these businesses, couple it with world leaders in insurance and financial services, and you have unmatched specialization in designing coverages to fit your needs.

  • Does your company have a specialized team for administering your claims?

    Sports & Fitness Insurance works closely with our underwriting companies' claims department. This enables us to help provide you better service and ultimately lower losses. We at Sports & Fitness stay on top of the ever changing fitness industry and have long term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. This helps us and our claims representatives better adjust for claims in your favor. Our expertise in the fitness industry helps Sports & Fitness Insurance keep your premium costs down, without sacrificing coverage.

  • What other qualities should I look for?

    A strong commitment to the sports and fitness industry. We at Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation specialize in taking care of the insurance needs of businesses in the sports and fitness industries. We have been in the business of taking care of these insurance needs since 1985.

For more information on insurance availability with your business contact 800-844-0536 or visit us on the web at

Sports & Fitness Insurance
P.O. Box 1967
Madison, MS 39130-1969
Phone: 800-844-0536 or 601-898-8464
Fax: 601-853-6141

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Club management software designed by health club professionals to help you manage your facility more efficiently.

ClubRunner is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Building a lasting relationship with its customers is how it succeeds. ClubRunner delivers a stress-free, easy-to-learn total management system. The result is intuitive and comprehensive software designed to help you conduct your business profitably.

ClubRunner installs quickly. Through the use of online help and pop-up menus, system commands are learned in minutes after installation. In addition, ClubRunner offers users the widest variety of training and support in the industry to help you get the most out of your system. From the company's understanding of how a health club facility needs to run, it has developed a stress-free club management system that really works for you.


ClubRunner's Modular System embodies all of the management features you need to run your club efficiently. Modules include: Members, Guests, Utilities, Daily Backup, Inventory, Front Desk and Reports.

  • EFT generates the billing files from ClubRunner. Chargebacks are automatically updated via modem.

  • Networking capabilities allow you to use ClubRunner as a single, stand-alone system or to support an extensive network.

  • System security is assured by allowing you to assign single passwords for various levels of access.

  • Entry & membership security is available with powerful add-on hardware such as photo imaging, bar coding, hand-scanning devices and key tags.

  • Report generation is made effortless with a powerful, built-in report generator with pre-scanned and user-definable reports.

  • Data transfer allows multiple club facilities to be linked together and updates each facility automatically.

1080 E. Indiantown Rd., Suite 202
Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: 800-554-2582; 561-746-3392
Fax: 561-746-5822

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Experience the Gerstung Advantage!

Providing solutions for the fitness industry for more than 40 years with our unique line of products and services.

In 1962, Siegfried Gerstung founded Gerstung International Sport Education Inc. as a service organization for instruction in physical education. Today, there are numerous facilities and educational systems worldwide that have adopted the Gerstung teaching method. Gerstung's founder created innovative apparatus in his garage to run programs not available to the American market. In 1967, Siegfried Gerstung created Gym-Thing Inc., a small factory and manufacturing company that began selling its unique equipment across the country.

From producing movement and gymnastics equipment, Gerstung went on to create the most resilient aerobic and dance floors in the world. Today, Gym-Thing Inc. distributes Gerstung equipment around the globe. Products include the most complete line of movement education equipment and curriculum, products for cooperative learning, adventure sports, and training devices for all levels of physical education.

In addition, Gerstung's state-of-the-art floor systems provide shock absorbency and resiliency for fitness, aerobics, gymnastics, and dance. Gerstung continues its tradition of innovative designs with its latest product, the Jog'n Shape, a unique rebounding action platform designed for individual or group use.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you to design the perfect solution to your club woes. Our Just Add Kids program is perfect for facilities interested in retaining members by offering children's programs, and our superior flooring products will reduce injuries and chronic pain caused by high impact exercise. Experience the Gerstung advantage today!

1400 Coppermine Terrace
Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone: 410-337-7781
[email protected]
Web site:

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K&K Health Club Insurance

Coverage available for health, fitness, racquet and sports clubs.

K&K Insurance understands the concerns club owners face in the day-to-day management of their business. Our program offers a complete package of insurance coverages tailored to the specific risks faced by club operations today. Eligible operations include: exercise & sport clubs, fitness & training centers, gyms, health & wellness clubs, racquet & tennis clubs.


  • Newly acquired or constructed building
  • Newly acquired business personal property
  • Ordinance & Law
  • Off-premises power failure
  • Water back-up of sewers and drains
  • Outdoor signs
  • Outdoor property (trees, shrubs or plants)
  • Property off premises
  • Accounts receivable/valuable papers and records
  • Replacement cost defined
  • Covered property definition redefined
  • Equipment breakdown included


  • Admitted or non-admitted basis
  • Broadened coverage form
  • Non-auditable policy
  • No General Aggregate
  • Legal Liability to Participants
  • Limited Professional Liability Extension
  • Liquor Liability
  • Limited Tanning Liability
  • Sub-contractors can be added as Additional Insureds
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Stop Gap Liability


Common associated exposures: Baby-sitting and child care, diet/weight control, massage therapy, pro/sport shops, personal training, restaurants/lounges, snack/juice bars, spa services, tanning, whirlpools/saunas/steamrooms.

K&K Insurance Group Inc.
1712 Magnavox Way
Ft. Wayne, IN 46804
Phone: 866-554-4636
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MegaFitness® is the home of MEGATUFF, top-quality Commercial Strength & Fitness Equipment that is designed with durability and price in mind. As the nation's largest online retailer and ultimate source for fitness equipment and accessories, MegaFitness® customers prefer the MEGATUFF line because of its heavy duty steel construction, the fact that it is American Made and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Since every piece of equipment is custom made, customers can select their frame and upholstery colors.


Bikes ▪ Cross Trainers ▪ Exercise Balls ▪ Flooring/Mats Treadmills ▪ Weights ▪ Weight Training Accessories


Commercial/Corporate Gyms/Fitness Clubs Gov't/Military ▪ Hospitals/Rehab Centers ▪ Hotels/Resorts Professional Sports Teams ▪ Universities/Colleges

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity. Visit to evaluate our various products. Our sales team has certified fitness instructors on staff who can help you design the ideal strength program and identify the appropriate equipment package to fit your specific needs and space.

As an added BONUS, MegaFitness® will pay the freight for all MEGATUFF equipment orders over $3,000 that are shipped within the continental USA. (Offer subject to change.)

630 South Wickham Rd, Ste 107
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Phone: 800-925-2772
Fax: 321-674-2084
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Retention Management

We focus on retention so you can focus on your club.

Retention Management is the technology solution that creates a seamless support system for health club members throughout the cycle of their membership. Our focus on member attendance, health/fitness education and the automation of attrition defense systems is an extremely comprehensive and innovative approach to improving retention and increasing club revenues.


Our automated, patent pending, retention system quietly works behind the scenes to effectively and aggressively help members maintain their club attendance levels and achieve fitness results. This enables club staff to focus on the day-to-day operations involved in running a club. The type, timing and content of our member communication system is the industry's most complete and aggressive method of attrition defense.


Retention Management understands the impact of improved retention for a club. If a standard club, as defined in IHRSA's “Profile of Success 2003,” improved annual retention by 6% (actual results from Retention Management's beta club in 2003), it would see an increase in annual dues revenue of $112,500 (see example). Let us show you how our personalized communication can increase non-dues revenues and net member growth.

We focus on retention so you can focus on your club.

Retention Management
19809 North Cove Road, Suite 102
Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone: 800-951-8048; 704.895.0035

[email protected]

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SPRI® The Pilates Way

SPRI® introduces a new series of rubber resistance Pilates products and programs designed for personal training and group exercise.

For more than 20 years, SPRI® Products has been the leading provider of rubberized resistance products and exercise program solutions for the health and fitness industry. SPRI® provides professional quality fitness solutions to health clubs, personal trainers, and health-minded consumers.

SPRI® continues to develop ways to deliver the benefits of a Pilates workout without the high cost of Pilates equipment. SPRI® rubber resistance Pilates products are comparable to the spring-loaded resistance of traditional Pilates machines. Rubber resistance products — such as the SPRI® Pilates Xertube®, Flex N' Point, Pilates Double Xertube®, and others — allow Pilates exercise movements to be performed on a mat without cumbersome equipment.

SPRI® The Pilates Way programs on video or DVD are 25-minute workouts featuring Leslee Bender, founder of The Pilates Coach International or Christine Romani-Ruby and Marci Clark, co-founders of PowerHouse Pilates.

SPRI® The Pilates Way: Flex N' Point Mat Training features the SPRI® Flex N' Point in a mat workout by Leslee Bender to enhance lower body strength and flexibility, upper body posture, and core stabilization.

SPRI® The Pilates Way: Pilates Xertube® and Sponge Ball Mat Training is mat training session featuring Leslee Bender that delivers an effective upper body resistance conditioning experience and incorporates lower body ball activities to enhance core muscle activation.

SPRI® The Pilates Way: Double Ring Dance Movement Training featuring Leslee Bender introduces an energizing, total body conditioning session using the SPRI® Double Ring, offering unrestricted movement resistance and a flowing form of Pilates training while incorporating the inspiration of music and dance movement.

SPRI® The Pilates Way: Pilates Double Xertube® Mat Training featuring Christine Romani-Ruby using the SPRI® Double Xertube® is a mat workout providing the lengthening and strengthening benefits of spring-loaded Pilates equipment.

SPRI® The Pilates Way: Xercuffs Mat Training is a Pilates mat workout with Marci Clark. The featured SPRI® Xercuffs provide rubber resistance for effective lower body shaping and enhanced core “powerhouse” stability.

For more information about SPRI® The Pilates Way, go to

SPRI Products Inc.
1600 Northwind Blvd.
Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone: 800-222-7774;

[email protected]

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STOTT PILATES: Intelligent Exercise. Profound Results.®

At STOTT PILATES, equipment and education go hand in-hand. Developed by professionals for professionals, STOTT PILATES is the world's most respected pilates brand and the only full-service pilates company in the world. The company's progressive and comprehensive approach to the fastest growing exercise method in America ensures you meet members' needs safely, effectively and profitably:

STOTT PILATES Member Benefits. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, the STOTT PILATES mind-body exercise method can be performed in a group setting on exercise mats or in a personalized setting using STOTT PILATES equipment.

STOTT PILATES exercise is ideal for helping clients develop strength, flexibility, endurance and posture.

STOTT PILATES Education. A cost effective and profitable way to integrate STOTT PILATES into your facility, the STOTT PILATES Club System training can be delivered to your instructors in a series of 10 to 15 hour modules. Ensure member retention and results with STOTT PILATES training and certification programs. The STOTT PILATES Club System is available in Matwork and Reformer modules. STOTT PILATES training and certification is available at close to 100 authorized facilities throughout North America and abroad. All STOTT PILATES training programs are supported with the highest caliber instructional videos and manuals.

STOTT PILATES Equipment. Engineered to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, STOTT PILATES equipment offers versatility and durability. STOTT PILATES' range of commercial equipment — from Fitness Circle exercisers and Arc Barrels to Reformers and Cadillacs — is designed to facilitate hundreds of exercise variations used by group instructors, personal trainers and sports medicine professionals to meet a broad range of client and member needs.

The new STOTT PILATES Rack & Roll Reformer provides the versatility, precision and craftsmanship of the company's best-selling “Professional” model in a streamlined, stackable design. Facilities with limited floor space can offer private or small-group Reformer-based programming without compromising equipment quality or dedicating a permanent area to equipment. Just roll in for a session and then rack up and out-of-the-way.

For more information about STOTT PILATES products and services: 1-800-910-0001 or [email protected].

/® Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license.

Copyright 2004 Merrithew Corporation.

  • Range of versatile and durable commercial-quality pilates equipment
  • Limited lifetime equipment warranty
  • Anatomically-based exercise method
  • Recognized certification and continuing education
  • Personal and group programming options
  • On-site Club System training and official Certification Centers
  • Instructional videos and manuals
  • Preferred vendor program and volume discounts
  • Marketing and consulting support
  • Enhance core strength and stability
  • Improve muscular balance and endurance
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Increase flexibility
  • Prevent injury
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Relieve stress and back pain
  • Lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Heighten body awareness

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