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Check into Orlando

No time at the beginning of the summer to make a trip to Orlando for the Club Industry East show? Well, perhaps you have about 15 minutes in your day to browse through the blog that we created while at the show earlier this month.

You can view all of the editors' entries at and click on the Behind the Scenes section of the home page. We visited a lot of the seminars and exhibitors at the show, and we've tried to share with you as many of those visits as we could in the blog.

Step By Step

Since our magazine moved away from its how-to article format almost three years ago, we've enjoyed bringing you the news and trends we see in the industry. However, we know that some of you continue to want more hands-on articles.

That's why almost two years ago we started a Step by Step section on our Web site filled with how-to articles on general topics such as clubs, marketing, programming, sales, retention and personal training.

These articles get some of our highest readership online. We are pleased so many of you find these articles helpful. I encourage any of you who have not viewed these pages to go to our Web site at and click on the Step by Step logo for a list of articles I'm sure you'll find helpful.

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