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earth-treks-crystal-595.jpg Image courtesy Earth Treks.
Together, Earth Treks and Planet Granite will now operate nine total gyms with 700 employees and 2 million annual customers.

Earth Treks Announces Merger with Planet Granite, Expansion to New Markets in 2018

All nine gyms affected by the merger will keep their current and respective names and continue to serve their local communities with new opportunities to scale operations in key markets.

Earth Treks Climbing and Fitness, Columbia, Maryland, announced on Nov. 6 that it will merge with Planet Granite Climbing, Yoga and Fitness, which operates clubs in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

The combined company, along with private equity partner Tengram Capital Partners, will now operate nine gyms with 700 employees and 2 million annual customers. All gyms will keep their current and respective names and continue to serve their local communities, according to a media release.

“Our combined teams have the hard-earned wisdom, clarity of vision and drive needed to bring the transformative power of climbing to millions of people," Earth Treks founder Chris Warner said in the release. "And we are committed to doing so in a way that honors all that is great about our sport: the infectiousness of a climber’s passion, the trust and caring essential to a climbing partnership and the very way climbing helps us see the world."

The combined company will allow both brands to scale operations in several key regions, including in San Francisco;, Washington, DC; Denver and Portland, according to the release. The brands will also expand into new U.S. markets starting in 2018.

“Independently we built companies that we are extremely proud of," Plante Granite founder Micky Lloyd said in the release. "As the climbing gym industry has evolved, we’ve pushed ourselves to improve in every operational and design aspect. With this shared belief in pushing our limits, we are now leveraging our powerful company cultures to have a national impact. Our goal is to bring even more opportunities to those we employ, serve and climb with."

In March 2017, Earth Treks announced its expansion-driven partnership with Tengram.

"We are very excited to partner with Chris and Micky and the amazing teams at Earth Treks and Planet Granite," Tengram partner Matthew Eby said in the release. "They have built a truly amazing and authentic customer service culture for their members. We are excited to build upon this great foundation."

In 2018, Earth Treks will open a 52,000-square-foot climbing gym in Engelwood, Colorado, the largest of its kind in the country. The brand is also replacing its oldest Columbia, Maryland, gym with a new, state-of-the-art facility, according to the release, in addition to opening a bouldering-only climbing gym in Baltimore.


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