Diagnostic Company Opens Health Club

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Motion DNA Corp. in Scottsdale, AZ, is no stranger to fitness, but its new venture positions it as owner of a health club. Motion DNA develops diagnostic testing products for medical professionals and sports organizations to help prevent and diagnose injuries. Late last year, the company opened Women in Motion Fitness Center in Arizona and plans to open two other clubs this year.

The landlord of some Naturally Women Fitness Centers approached Zig Ziegler, Motion DNA president and CEO, about taking over the businesses. Motion DNA acquired all of the assets of the first location including the customer revenue stream of more than $50,000 per month, Ziegler said. Motion DNA also inherited the 1,000 charter members of the former club and has added more than 150 new members.

Motion DNA has mostly worked with high school and collegiate athletes to help them improve their movements in running, baseball, softball, golf and soccer. The company will offer its BioTrainer wireless motion analysis system and BioCap human movement analysis system to the club members, most of whom are women over 40, to help make their workouts more efficient.

“Based upon our experience, women are more likely to seek objective testing offered by MotionDNA,” said Linda Ruiz of Women in Motion. “This is a great place to beta test Motion DNA testing and show other health clubs how to benefit their membership base.”

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