Cuts for Women Clubs Open with Exclusive System

CLARK, NJ — The first four Cuts for Women clubs, opening this month, will be the first and only women's circuit facilities to use the Kinesis system by Technogym. The franchised circuit training facilities — two in New Jersey and one each in Ohio and Georgia — will offer the traditional cardio workout combined with hydraulic strength training equipment. However, the facilities will add a third-element: Kinesis equipment, which uses four panels of grips, cables and weight stacks to allow for 360-degree, three-dimensional resistance-based multi-plane motion.

This added third element doesn't come without a price. The franchisee startup cost for the women's facilities run $69,950, which is $30,000 more than the Cuts for Men franchises. The men's facilities don't use the Kinesis system, but that could change next year after John Gennaro, founder of the Cuts clubs, tests the Kinesis system at his corporate men's facility, he said.

Cuts for Women has a limited time exclusive agreement with Technogym to be the only women-only circuit facility using the Kinesis system. The co-ed Atlantic Clubs in New Jersey, Equinox and some other facilities already use the Kinesis equipment.

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