Crunch Fitness and Everlast Hope for a Knockout


NEW YORK — Who says that boxing-based classes are passé? Everlast is joining forces with Crunch Fitness to bring expert boxing training to the masses.

Under this joint effort, Everlast will outfit the Kips Bay Crunch location with a new and full range of boxing equipment and heavy bags to complement the facility's existing Everlast ring. Everlast will also sponsor Crunch's new “Fight Club,” a training class that culminates each month with scheduled sparring matches between participants. Crunch will institute a boxing training certification program for Crunch personal trainers run by USA Boxing and Everlast-sponsored trainer, Teddy Atlas.

In addition, Everlast will benefit from a great retail opportunity as a selection of Everlast equipment and apparel will be available for sale to consumers at the clubs.

“As the world's preeminent boxing brand, our association with Everlast will allow us to provide a boxing program paramount to any in the fitness industry,” said Jim Solomon, president and CEO of Crunch Fitness. “This program will be a hit with Crunch's uniquely diverse audience.”

George Q. Horowitz, chairman and CEO of Everlast Worldwide Inc., said that meeting the needs of Crunch's membership base is only part of the benefits hoped for from this facility.

“Our relationship with Crunch is another important step in our marketing strategy to capitalize on the growing popularity of boxing as a fitness activity,” he said. “Crunch is the ideal partner because they are well known for being the most progressive gym in the country with a fierce commitment to giving members the most authentic workouts out there. In addition to introducing boxing to the general public, our goal is to establish our facility with Crunch as a base for visiting professional boxers.”

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