Clubs Have Many Revenue Streams, Krech Says

CHICAGO -- Donna Krech of Fitness Solution 24/7, Lima, OH, presented ways to create new income streams for club operators today at Club Industry 2010.

Two ways to improve those streams, Krech said, are to add new offerings to new people and to offer something new or different to the same people who are already regular members. Income streams could come from spa services, boot camps or kids programs. The “sweet spot,” according to Krech, comes when money goals overlap a passion for the business and the needs of the community.

“There is money sitting in your facility right now,” Krech told attendees.

Krech, nursing a badly injured foot, also is the founder and CEO of Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution and the president and CEO of Accelerated Profit Systems.

Read more about Krech’s presentation in Club Industry’s blog.

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