Club Industry's Top 12 Stories of 2009

Here are Club Industry's top 12 stories of 2009.

Did your top story not make our list? Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite news story of 2009.

1) Lessons Learned: LA Fitness shootings
2) Bally Officially Emerges From Bankruptcy
3) Let It Snow: Parent Company Changes Gold’s CEOs Again
4) Recent Crunch Sale Has Familiar Ring to It
5) 24 Hour Lawsuits Involve Payment Processing, Group Ex Instructors
6) License to Train: Personal trainer bills
7) Nautilus Sells Portion of Commercial Assets
8) Jack the Giant: Jack LaLanne Lifetime Achievement Award
9) Dawn of a Green Revolution: Energy efficiency projects
10) Air Force Fitness Standards Delayed
11) Group Attempting to Save JCC Building Told It Will Be Closed
12) Recession Aids YMCA With Expansion Project

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