Club Industry’s Top 12 Stories of 2011

Here are Club Industry’s top 12 stories of 2011 based on page views on our website. Did your top story not make our list? Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite news story of 2011.

1. Bally, LA Fitness Complete Sale of 171 Clubs

2. The Top 100 Health Clubs of 2010

3. Gold’s Gym in Talks to Buy Bally, Sources Say

4. Larger Health Clubs Seeking Acquisition Possibilities

5. Red Lerille: Painting the Town Red

6. Planet Fitness CEO Serves as Lightning Rod on Personal Training

7. The State of the Health Club Industry in 2011

8. Life Time Acquisition of Lifestyle Family Fitness Could Reach Up to Nine Clubs

9. More Gold’s Gym Operators Rebrand

10. Equinox Acquires The Sports Club Co.

11. Instructors File Sexual Harassment Suit against David Barton Gym

12. Bally Sued Over Injury from Leg Curl Machine

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