Cameras Installed at Kentucky Rec Center

LEXINGTON, KY -- The University of Kentucky installed two rotating cameras in its student recreation center last month, the Kentucky Kernel reported.

The two cameras supply live still shots of the Johnson Center to the Johnson Center and student government Web sites. The cameras provide a convenience for students who can check how crowded the Johnson Center is before deciding to go there, Ron Lee, Kentucky’s director of campus recreation, told the newspaper. There are no signs or other notifications posted in the Johnson Center to inform students about the camera.

Student government leaders said privacy was an issue before they decided the fund the project.

“We didn’t want students to feel unsafe,” Tyler Fleck, student government deputy chief of staff, told the newspaper. “We made sure you cannot tell who students are. You can’t see faces, and you can’t zoom in.”

Student government allocated $1,500 of its yearly budget for the cameras, and the Johnson Center paid about $7,500, the newspaper reported.

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