Association Formed for Circuit Training Club Owners

HOUSTON — Circuit training club owners now have an association they can join to help them address various concerns unique to their part of the health club industry — the Association of Hydraulic and Fitness Clubs.

The association was formed to share industry knowledge, create a community of owners and managers, and conduct the annual workshop, according to association founder Symanthia Harper.

“We're in transition. At first it was just Curves franchisees. Then when the Curves clones and independents came along, an entire industry was born. What we're doing now is educating the entire industry,” said Harper. “We found that we got a lot of calls from club owners that have basically the same challenges, ‘How do I attract more members, how do I extend the members I have, what new value-added services can I offer,’ and so on. So, we got the idea that it's high time for a national conference to address these timely issues and to have an idea exchange.”

The conference, Harmony Fitness Workshop, is tailored expressly for 30-minute circuit training health clubs. It is scheduled for Oct. 22-Oct. 24 at the Houston Airport Marriott. The workshop focuses on the specific challenges and concerns in running circuit-training gyms, whether they are franchised units or independents.

Members of the association will have the opportunity to network with other gyms, receive group discounts on high volume purchases and more.

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