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Dynamic visual entertainment that elevates the personal workout experience!

BroadcastVision has installed over 6000 personal entertainment screens worldwide! The 17" widescreen and the 15" standard screen are available to provide your club members with the best audiovisual entertainment available in the fitness industry! The new generation 15" Multimedia Personal Screen now boasts a 25% brighter picture and has an optional Picture In Picture (PIP) feature. Your members will really appreciate being able to follow a breaking news story on CNN while watching a DVD. Exercisers can also listen to a music CD with our optional DVD/CD/MP3 player, while watching a television program! The new 10 key direct access remote will allow exercisers instant access to any desired channel.

Wireless headphone allows complete freedom of movement!

The new BroadcastVision KOSS wireless headphone is a premium, super hi-fidelity, lightweight, wireless headphone for use with the BroadcastVision personal screens. This wireless headphone allows the exerciser complete freedom of movement during the cardiovascular workout! Many club operators see this as an upscale amenity that can be included with executive and premium level memberships. The wireless infrared headphone is available with the other BroadcastVision KOSS headphones for club operators to sell members and create a profit center. A new, attractive full color display rack is available to promote headphone sales.

Dress up your facility with larger flat panel TV's for powerful visual images!

For larger visual image presentation in fitness facilities, BroadcastVision offers 22" and 30" Widescreen Liquid Crystal Televisions. These super bright, flat screen televisions, display vivid colors and dynamic picture contrast in the 16:9 widescreen format. Affordable and with greater life expectancy than plasma televisions, the BroadcastVision Liquid Crystal TV's are perfect for wall and ceiling mounting in reception, strength training, spinning rooms and retail areas. These TV's can also be interfaced with our FM audio transmitting system for member enjoyment.

Interactive entertainment that keeps exercise exciting and fun!

The Exertris computerized video gaming bike is hailed as the world's most advanced workout!. Exertris combines the fun of computer games with the health benefits of cycling to create an addictive cardiovascular workout. The user's physical effort is directly connected to their performance in the interactive game, stimulating them at every moment to keep going. Exertris bikes can be networked together, allowing users to play alone or play competitively against each other. For those who would like to travel the world during their workout, Visio Training interactive movies are just the ticket! The Visio Training movies take exercisers on interactive runs and cycling through famous cities and landmarks, while viewed on the BroadcastVision Multimedia Personal Screens. The film moves at variable speeds and inclines, depending on the speed and intensity of the user's workout.

Wireless entertainment systems that are clearly fun and affordable!

From the company that pioneered wireless - new and improved spiral cabled receivers with super durable headphone jacks that are built to last in our FM, 900MHz and 2.4GHz transmitting systems.

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