Air Force Youth Sign Up For FitFactor

WASHINGTON -- More than 5,300 Air Force youngsters have signed up for FitFactor, a fitness and health initiative that rewards youth for their efforts to stay healthy (see photo at left of Jennifer Hightower at the Fort MacArthur parade grounds during the Los Angeles Air Force Base Youth Center’s field day in support of FitFactor. Photo by Paul Testerman.). Each day, participants log onto the FitFactor Web site and document their healthy choices. The number of points earned depends on the activity. Drinking eight ounces of water earns five points, while yard work nets 25. A game of baseball garners 75 points. Prizes for participation range from pins to silicon bracelets to T-shirts and jump ropes. Air Force family members between the ages of 9 and 18 can sign up by visiting their local Air Force Services youth center and registering on the FitFactor Web site.

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