Air Force Surveys Supplement Usage

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, KS -- Twenty-six Air Force installations will participate in a survey held Feb. 13 through 27 regarding dietary supplement usage in the Air Force.

“The survey will help the Air Force keep track of what supplements people are taking, so the Air Force can educate Airmen on any dangers that may go along with taking supplements,” said Capt. Christle Peaden, an aerospace physiologist with the 22nd Aeromedical-Dental Operations Squadron.

The survey, originally developed by the Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, was revised for Air Force use. The Army survey results found 40 percent of soldiers use one or more supplements; 30 percent reported significant side effects such as dizziness, alteration of consciousness, weakness and cardiac symptoms. According to Captain Peaden, the survey will be e-mailed basewide, asking everyone to participate even if they are not taking dietary supplements. In the survey, dietary supplements refer to energy boosters, over-the-counter diet pills, bodybuilding drinks or mixes and daily vitamins.

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