Air Force Fitness Gets Runners ‘In Training’

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, TX -- Air Force fitness recently created the program In Training to help Air Force members achieve their running goals.

Program participants will have access to running tips, training schedules and an easy-to-use tracking system. The tracking system Web site acts as a virtual coach, logging distances and allowing runners to see how they compare to others in the program.

“In a partnership with several corporate sponsors, we are dedicated to growing runners in the Air Force community, military and civilians alike,” says Margaret Treland, Air Force fitness chief. “We know there are people who are interested in running, but for one reason or another, just haven't gotten started. This program will be a way for people to meet other runners in their area and track their progress online.”

The training regimen is designed to help a person train—regardless of their initial fitness level—for the U.S. Air Force Marathon, which will be held Sept. 20 in Dayton, OH. The tracking program is the first of its kind to be associated with a sanctioned marathon. However, runners can apply the same training tips and regimens to local runs or marathons, according to a statement from the Air Force.

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