24 Houy Fitness Pitches in During So. California Disaster

SAN RAMON, CA-- As wildfires continue to whip throughSouthern California, 24 Hour Fitness is opening its doors to help provide some relief to those in the midst of battling the fires as well as those displaced by it. "As a service to our community and a thank you for all the tireless efforts put forth by countless fire fighters, volunteers and emergency services personnel, 24 Hour Fitness is opening its San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Bakersfield and Ventura clubs to anyone affected by the wildfires in Southern California," the company said in a release. The close to 100 clubs in the Southern Califoria area will open their locker rooms and lounges to firefighters and other emergency services personel as a place to to rest and relax at the end of their shifts, the company said. Additionally, 24 Hour Fitness said evacuated residents are also welcome to use the 24 Hour Fitness facilities as well and should additional evacuations occur, it would welcome the use of its clubs as a central meeting point for friends and family.

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