24 Hour Restructures Top Ranks

San Ramon, Ca — In late January on Mark Mastrov's official last day as chairman of 24 Hour Fitness, four additional executives left the company.

The departing executives were Tony Bakos, vice president and general counsel; Mike Feinman, vice president; Don Harbich, vice president; and Adam Loew, vice president of new club development. Feinman, who resigned on Jan. 28, is now the chief operating officer for Gold's Gym International.

The company released the following statement about the departures: “24 Hour Fitness is dedicated to growing our business and to providing world-class service to our members. As part of this ongoing commitment, we regularly evaluate our resources and organizational structure and make strategic adjustments where necessary. Our recent personnel changes are consistent with these objectives, and we wish our former team members success in their future endeavors.”

Feinman would not comment on the circumstances surrounding the departure of the other executives, but he praised 24 Hour founder and former chairman Mastrov.

“Mark Mastrov is an amazing leader,” Feinman says. “Mark's very, very happy, and that's important to me. I continue to learn an incredible amount from Mark. Not only is he my mentor, but he's also my friend.”

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