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Total Gym Supports Fitness Business Operators

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Total Gym, distributed by HQH Fitness has strengthened its support for the fitness industry by officially sponsoring the Gym Owners’ Business Network and the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast.

Formally launched earlier this year, the Gym Owners’ Business Network and its sought-after resources including the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast, is quickly going from strength to strength. The positive attention was significantly compounded after the “Godfather of Fitness” himself, Thomas Plummer, recently promoted the Network’s founder Mel Tempest as an industry innovator; an unprecedented level of industry support has since come flowing in.

One such prominent supporter is Total Gym, which is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by HQH Fitness.

Andrea Brett, Marketing Manager for Total Gym Australia, says “I am very excited to be aligning with the Gym Owners’ Business Network and Podcast; not only is this the beginning of a great relationship for us in terms of connecting with like-minded people, but I also see this as a pivotal time in the fitness industry where fitness facility operators are going to have to rethink their commercial equipment buying decisions. Now more than ever before, today’s savvy consumer is looking for an engaging, unique and, most of all, functional workout experiences, and I believe Total Gym commercial delivers on all these fronts”.

Total Gym Australia offer products that embrace bodyweight training to promote movement in and through the cardinal planes; plyometric, acceleration and deceleration training; neuromuscular stimulation of the proprioceptors; explosive movement; and calibrated partial loading for rehabilitation of injured joint(s). The result is promotion of holistic to natural movement and conditioning.

Functional training has consistently been included among the top five global fitness trends in the past couple of years, as has been the science of movement. Greg Doherty is the founder of HQH Fitness, which –in 2002—became the first international distributor appointed for Total Gym’s commercial product line. He says, “We are very excited as the evolution of the product line is right on point, and already globally we are seeing a strong acceptance of the Total Gym commercial concepts.”

Xen Angelides is the brand’s National Commercial Sales Manager. He says, “Training on Total Gym allows any client population – young, old, deconditioned or extremely fit – to workout efficiently and effectively at their own level in any desired movement patter. Total Gym has the innovation and products to deliver a turnkey solution to club operators, and a compelling value proposition that is proven to attract and retain members. Total Gym also delivers a great return on investment through its dynamic Elevate Super Circuit training packages.”

For further information about Total Gym and how they can help your gym attract and retain more members, email


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