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Tanita Body Composition Element To Be Unveiled At CES 2018

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Smartphone application software describes body composition in 3D graphics, making it easy for users to monitor and better manage their well-being

December 20, 2017 – Tokyo, Japan - TANITA Corporation, a global leader and pioneer in the technology and production of precision electronic body composition analyzers, is set to introduce its newly developed smartphone application software, Tanita Body Composition Element, at CES 2018, Jan. 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas. Tanita Body Composition Element describes a person’s body composition of muscle, body fat, and metabolic rate, in three-dimensional graphics, making it easy for users to monitor and better manage their well-being.

Tanita plans to commercially release the mobile application software worldwide, including in Japan and other countries by end of 2018. To learn more about Tanita Body Composition Element and how Tanita is working to make health management fascinating and more convenient, please visit Booth 43737 Sands, Halls A-D in the Health & Wellness Marketplace.

Tanita introduced its 3D Element demonstration unit at CES 2017. It was designed as an entertaining tool that would encourage users to pay more attention to their bodies and manage their health continuously. The company subsequently received many requests to make smartphone application software to connect with body-composition analyzers, and Tanita Body Composition Element is the response to those requests.

Tanita Body Composition Element displays images inspired from various shapes of chemical elements. Three main factors taken into account are basal metabolic rate, muscle mass and visceral fat. The application software’s 3D Element varies depending on each person’s specific body-composition balance; thus, each individual will have his or her own unique element shape. Furthermore, the color, shape and movement of the 3D Element are different depending on the day’s body-composition fluctuations. For example, if a person’s basal metabolic rate is higher, the 3D Element becomes redder; if one has more “muscle mass,” the element becomes rounder. Changes from previous measurements can be emphasized in various animations.

Tanita also is developing a customization program, Supplement For Your Body Composition, to provide tailored supplements with necessary nutrition for each person based on data measured via Tanita Body Composition Element. Visitors to the Tanita booth at CES 2018 can view a movie about the Supplement For Your Body Composition program and how Tanita is working to deliver the ideal health solution for next-generation lifestyles around the world.


For a detailed company overview, please visit Tanita Corporation’s website.


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