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Sweetwater Country Club Fitness and Sports Center Takes Member Workouts to Next Level with New Functional Movement Training Area Equipped by Escape Fitness

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Cincinnati, Ohio, August 17, 2017—Sweetwater County Club in Sugarland, Texas recently reinvented its fitness and sports center to take member workouts to the next level with colorful, dynamic equipment from Escape Fitness to create a functional movement training space.

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Under new ownership and management with CBIGG Mgt. Inc., Sweetwater Country Club surveyed its members and found they wanted a fitness facility that was new, reliable and varied. With membership ranging from first-time and casual exercisers to fitness enthusiasts, school-aged athletes and professionals, they decided to bring movement and functionality to the club to better cater to their diverse fitness needs.

To accomplish this, Sweetwater expanded its strength and conditioning space and converted two racquetball courts to become home to its new Escape system--reinventing both the equipment and the atmosphere to help drive participation and retention.

Working with Marathon Fitness, the newly created functional movement training area has been to fully reimagined and reinvented to be multi-functional with multiple amenities around the Escape Fitness’ Octagon with HTS and Storage. Also included are Escape’s TIYRs, PLYOBOXES, Vertballs, Slamballs and Medballs, GRIPRs, Bulgarian Bags, Sandbags and Corebags, and RACK5 plus powerbands, kettlebells, mats, and a QUAD SLED. While providing an attractive feature to entice new members, the refit also expands the capability for personal and group training. In fact, Sweetwater now offers seven classes through its professional training staff using the new Escape equipment.

“We use the word “reinvention” versus “renovation” because the enhancements have literally changed the way members have used the club, feel about the club and refer to the club. For instance, we’re starting to see an increase in not only the new areas but also basketball and aquatics,” said Patrick Petit, general manager, Sweetwater Country Club. “This completed project has helped increase the pride our members have in belonging to Sweetwater.”

“Our new functional movement training area has made a huge difference in a short time because the Escape equipment and configuration allows us to get so much done in a small space,” said Leroy Franklin, athletic director and head strength and conditioning coach, Sweetwater Country Club. “Functional fitness is as relevant to everyday living as it is to whatever sport you play. By adding it, we’re taking our fitness facility to the next level, way beyond what members could find at all the other country club gyms. At Sweetwater, no matter your fitness capability or level, there’s something for everyone.”

“Exercisers today seek that boutique studio feel in their workout facilities,” said Christopher Eyre, West Coast Account Executive, Escape Fitness. “When you give members an exciting fitness space, well equipped with the latest, and staffed with trainers who can help them achieve real results, you meet their fitness needs and you create passionate advocates for the club. ”

To fully ensure Sweetwater’s training staff gets the most out of their new Escape equipment to deliver the most to their members, Marathon and Escape provided Leroy and his staff hands-on training sessions, as well as access to additional training online.

About Escape Fitness: Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness has built a reputation for product innovation, quality and design while growing and competing through great partnerships in challenging markets worldwide. We have helped improve the bottom lines of over 1,000 fitness clubs and key distributors in 80 countries. Committed to functional training since our inception, we work with clubs that invest in functional training spaces that will deliver the best possible exercise experiences; and we encourage fitness professionals and their clients to ‘Escape Their Limits’. A mentality that is the foundation of our every offering. We are pleased to work with industry leading brands worldwide, including Equinox, Fitness First, Virgin Active, UFC Gyms, Crunch, Nuffield Health, David Lloyd, 1Rebel, 24 Hour Fitness, Marriott, Life Time Fitness, Jatomi and many more. For information:

About Marathon Fitness: Founded in 2003, Marathon Fitness exclusively serves the fitness equipment and service needs for commercial-only health clubs, universities, recreation, multi-family and hospitality facilities.  As one of the largest providers of fitness equipment in the U.S., we serve a wide range of client from Fortune 500 Companies such as Dell, Apple, Shell, and Conoco to top clubs, YMCA’s, multi-family and hospitality brands like Hilton, Four Seasons, and Marriott to name a few. For information:

About CBIGG: C-Bons International Golf Group Management, LLC (CBIGG MGMT.) is a subsidiary of the C-Bons Group, a Chinese conglomerate engaged in the real estate, tourism, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, textile and media industries.  CBIGG MGMT. is based in Las Vegas, NV and was formed to acquire golf and related hospitality properties.  Since its formation in 2012, the company first acquired four projects in Nevada and Arizona, in 2014 added another 22 properties in Texas and the Northeast, and in 2016 added Berkeley Country Club (formerly known as Mira Vista Country Club) in California with a goal of opportunistically creating a golf and hospitality platform all over the U.S.

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