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Styku Phoenix leads AI revolution in health and fitness tracking

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Tuesday 05 March, 2019Styku has become the world’s first 3D body scanner to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive DEXA-quality body composition analysis.

With this breakthrough discovery, Styku has found a way to consistently and precisely estimate fat mass, bone mass, lean mass, visceral fat, and abdominal fat, using only measurements on the surface of the body. Styku Founder and CEO, Raj Sareen said: “Before now, 3D body scanners had only gone as far as estimating fat mass and fat-free mass, so we believe this is a ground-breaking development for the industry, which greatly benefits both trainer and member.”

Tracking changes in bone mass is becoming increasingly important in the today’s wellness economy. More people than ever before are making medical visits based on disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In the US alone, this makes up 25% of all appointments; a trend we’re seeing globally. People’s bones are becoming weaker, and at a younger age, because of poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and excess load on joints driven by obesity. As a result, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint-disorders, and muscle, ligament tears, and even orthopaedic surgeries are occurring at every increasing rates .

Peer reviewed research has shown that Styku’s anthropometrics are well correlated with DEXA volumes. The research is part of multi-million dollar grant issued by the National Institute of Health to demonstrate the correlation and predictive ability of body scanners for body composition analysis. “Our friends at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at LSU scanned over 300 participants using both Styku and DEXA. Using that data and our AI engine, we found we could predict important body composition parameters with very high precision and accuracy. We’re now getting tremendous interest from the academic community who want to further validate our approach and explore other use cases”, added Raj.

Styku is leading the industry by using the most medically valid methods to predict fat mass with far more accuracy than traditional methods, as Raj explains: “The antiquated methods of measuring skin folds with callipers and hydrostatic weighing are still dominating the landscape of the fitness industry. But they are based on the out-dated 2-compartment model that assumes your body is only fat and fat-free mass, and makes poor assumptions about the density of fat-free mass. This leads to significantly underestimated fat mass. “I can’t tell you how many times I find trainers arguing about how their body fat is 5% or lower. But most medical professionals would agree that its near impossible to have body fat that low, and if you do, you’re at risk of serious health problems. Trainers are so surprised to go get a DEXA scan and find their body fat is actually a lot higher. Overall, I think we focus too much on the numbers. What the industry needs is something that is repeatability, that can show change, and visual. It’s great that we can now predict fat mass with DEXA-quality accuracy. But there’s still nothing like a 3D before/after to illustrate the progress someone is making. The visual appeals to the emotional side of a members journey.”

Another popular method used in the fitness industry today is bio-impedance, which predicts fat based on the resistance of current. But bio-impedance fluctuates greatly with hydration and often reports wildly inaccurate results. In fact, the medical sector no longer believes that bio-impedance is a valid method for predicting fat. Rather, most medical professionals agree that the industry has come much further and shown that there are significantly more valid methods that are used today in academic spheres and across healthcare. Styku is the first company to acknowledge that these new methods, need to become the standard in the industry and have taken the primary step forward to achieve this.

Coming at a time when exercisers, particularly the younger age groups including Millennials and Generation Z, are searching for a more holistic and wellness-based service, the pioneering AI technology of Styku Phoenix will provide further insights for gyms and trainers to use to meet member expectations and support them on their individual wellness journeys. Learn more by visiting or contacting Styku directly at or 323-372-2628

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