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Slendertone Introduces Smart Fitness Wearable at 2016 CES

This press release was provided by Slendertone. The Club Industry editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.​

NEW YORK Slendertone, the world leader in developing advanced technology products that improve muscle tone, is unveiling the new Slendertone Connect Abs at the 2016 International CES tradeshow. The first smart toning ab belt to actively engage and tone core muscles, the Slendertone Connect Abs delivers clinically proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology through an interactive mobile app and online experience to help men and women tone, firm and strengthen their core muscles.

Combining the power of Slendertone’s FDA approved abdominal strengthening system and the personalization of smartphones and tablets, Slendertone Connect Abs revolutionizes the concept of muscle toning. Slendertone Connect Abs is a virtual trainer controlled via an iOS app that connects using Bluetooth Smart technology and offers five goal-driven programs—Essential Toning, Upcoming Event, Post-Natal, Fitness and Advanced Toning—that offer customized user feedback, tracking, motivation and content. Users can use the app and online portal to create their own profile, set goals and monitor daily progress in real time.

“We are thrilled to announce the new Slendertone Connect Abs as a true innovation in the muscle toning and fitness wearable categories and are excited to share this new product with users looking to boost their muscle tone and fitness as well as overall body confidence,” said Mike Nohilly, Vice President, Slendertone North America. “The level of program customization combined with the interactive mobile and online platforms allow each user to have a truly unique and personalized experience that is tailored to help them meet their toning goals, whatever they may be.”

The Slendertone Connect Abs app tracks and shares data points including intensity levels, program and toning progress and F.I.T. scores. The F.I.T. score is a weekly power score measuring the user’s progress against their individual toning program including Frequency, Intensity and Toning, allowing users to earn badges based on their toning achievements and F.I.T. scores. The app also invites users to join the Slendertone community to benchmark against other users and share progress results.

Additionally, the online portal also serves as a user hub to track progress, showcase badges and share content including relevant fitness and exercise articles, videos and tips. Users also receive personalized communication including weekly newsletters, content based on their motivation and usage behavior, and reminders to replace the patented gel pads after the appropriate amount of time.

With a new sleek aesthetic, the Slendertone Connect Abs is designed to offer better compression and supplement users’ regular fitness routines; the ab belt can be worn while exercising at the gym or while completing other daily tasks. The Slendertone Connect Abs uses EMS toning technology to create a gentle current that engages the abdominal muscles, mimicking the body’s natural muscle movements. Slendertone’s patented gel pad placement targets and activates all three major abdominal muscles simultaneously for maximum toning, activating even the most difficult to reach  core muscles responsible for defining the body’s shape.

All Slendertone products are FDA approved and clinically proven to strengthen, firm and tone all major abdominal muscles with visible results in six to eight weeks when used at least five days per week for 30 minutes.

The Slendertone Connect Abs will be available in February at and in-store and online at retailers nationwide including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales, as well as The Slendertone Connect Abs has a suggested retail price of $229.

For more information about Slendertone or the Slendertone Connect Abs, visit or contact Louise Gonzalez at

About Slendertone

Slendertone is a subsidiary company of Bio-Medical Research Ltd (BMR). Its products use electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver toning results to targeted muscle groups in the comfort of your own home. Through its BMR parentage, Slendertone products are of medical device quality, supported by strong clinical evidence and subjected to controlled product trials. BMR is backed by 50 years of experience, and thousands of doctors and physical therapists rely on BMR products every day to help improve the lives of over 200,000 patients every year. Since 2000, Slendertone has sold over seven million Abs belts worldwide.

About EMS Technology

Slendertone products apply natural body science and deliver impressive toning results thanks to clinically-proven EMS technology. During exercise, your muscles naturally respond to signals sent by your brain and EMS technology works in the same way, reaching all targeted muscles in one short session while you carry on with your daily routine or as part of your exercise regime.

Slendertone’s EMS technology is applied through pads positioned on selected muscle groups. The pads stimulate nerve endings that create deep, comfortable muscle contractions in all the surrounding muscles, not just those directly under the pads. As a result, targeted and neighboring muscles begin to strengthen and tone.

For maximum results, Slendertone products are to be used as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.